The Season Of Giving

This time of the year is unique. It’s the season of feeling grateful for the whole year, reminiscing memories made, victories won, and hurdles crossed. It is the season of letting go and looking forward. It is the season of newness, hope, joy, and light.

There is something special about the December air, something about the mysterious charm in the spirit of it; vibes of holidays, roasted chicken, and smiles all over the place. It is a transitional period, readying hearts to expect the unexpected in the new years to come…

This season, let us learn the art of giving; the spirit of sharing, being there for one another, and holding on to good things in life. Let us heal and rise above our fears and battles, shine through blunders of the past, and fly through the mist of curiosity and overwhelming expectations from life. Let us be grateful for the miracles and stay rooted in the values we should pass on to future generations. Let us not get carried away by the worldly attributes of modernity and insanity. Instead, let us see through the tinted window, the rainbow for a brighter tomorrow…

Let us give ourselves the joy of self-realization, self-love, and self-worth. Let us make this world a much better place to live. This season of giving, let us give ourselves the reason to be our best versions!

With that, I wish all our readers a cheerful, beautiful, fun-filled, and fruitful New Year!

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