New Year, New Me

Pause…Breathe…Reflect! Nature has its way of applying brakes in our life. It does send us feelers and reminders on how we lead our lives, but we tend to block the reminders or skip them. Instead, we use excuses to stave off cravings, our fast-paced life, busy careers, family time, and most importantly, ME time to get on a fitness routine. So, when all alarm clocks go off at the same time, nearly screeching in our ears, we wake up one day and realize: Uh, oh…let me pause and reflect. At least once in all our lives, we have had such screeching alarm clocks blown in our ears. 

Two years ago, Corona was one of the screeching alarm clocks sent to us to pause and reflect. It doesn’t matter who sent it. Either way, the two-year break in all our lives (for some, it is still ongoing) made us think about the value of things in our life – us, our families, our special moments, career milestones, and even educational milestones. It made me wear my thinking cap too. I had completely ignored my fitness and stamina until two years ago. I would not remotely look at the weighing scale, grandly declaring that I am sure I am fit. Yes, I do annual health check-ups and have been given clean chits. But it made me realize that these reports aren’t precisely measuring my stamina. Having all vital stats in place is excellent, but I still needed to recover my lost stamina and endurance. Running around my 8-year-old son made me realize the importance of fitness even more and a stark reminder of aging. 

I had ignored myself for far too long, thanks to years of body shaming and other reasons. Body shaming is one of the key reasons many people stop looking at themselves in the mirror, considering the calories they consume and their sedentary lives. The pandemic made me re-look at myself in a new way. I started facing the mirror daily, looking at my body each day I had a bath. I started acknowledging my body, accepting its flaws, and speaking to myself, saying – “It’s my body, and I am proud of it!” 

The next I asked myself: “Am I fit enough? Can I do something to respect my body better?” Again, I got my answers from within. Another response I got from my gut was that being fit isn’t only about physical fitness. It is supposed to be holistic – an amalgamation of physical and mental wellness.

10 Reasons Why
We must set self-fitness goals 

Trust me, your gut/inner voice will also give you answers. Once you get the answers, you will take action instantly. So, I chose Zumba since I love music and dance (my inner calling). This helped increase my cardio fitness, but then I realized I needed to work on all body parts to increase flexibility. Also, since I am people-oriented, I wanted to join group fitness classes, and another pre-condition was timing. Luckily, things worked out, and I began an active workout regime with my gang and our trainer. So, I suggest you choose your mode of workout – something you would love to do consistently, and kickstart your new routine. It will be exciting for you to fall in love with yourself.

1. Having a checklist of health goals

It is an excellent time to make your soft board attractive with colourful sticky notes. Write all your health goals. For instance, stamina, flexibility, weight loss, etc. It could be different for everyone. 

2. Keeping tabs on physical parameters

Consult a physical trainer/coach to see if your physical and vital stats are in place. It includes the following:

  1. Cardiovascular fitness
  2. Muscle strength & endurance
  3. Body flexibility & composition
  4. Makes measurable fitness plans

For instance, if your goals are like joining yoga, meditation classes, or starting jogging and running, they must be measurable too. In other words, mention the number of days you will achieve these goals. It makes you acc

3. Prevents over or under workouts

Once you set these goals, you will stick to exactly how much you need to work out to lose or gain a certain number of kilograms or pounds. It makes sure you will work out right.

4. Ensures consistency in workouts

If you work out at the correct time intervals, achieving these goals will be your next top priority. Regularity makes a difference when you have to achieve goals.

5. Having workout buddies

Sometimes you aren’t motivated to do workouts on your own or achieve your workout targets. A like-minded gang helps boost and push each other to reach their respective goals.

6. Enjoying your wellness journey

It is vital to enjoying every step that you take towards improving your fitness levels. Therefore, you should choose and chalk out achievable health goals of your choice (without looking at Instagram/Facebook profiles). Then, keep them pinned on a soft board.

7. One step at a time

The aim must be to go slow so you can enjoy a longer and healthier lifespan on Earth. Setting fitness goals will ensure that you plan baby steps.

8. Tuning to your body signals

The essence of your fitness journey must be to listen to your body closely. Go inwards, listen to your inner voice, and feel what each part of your body says. It is essential to do it daily. 

9. Make your body your best friend

Self-love is the key. Start speaking to your body, repeat affirmations – positive statements about how you enjoy your fitness journey for your beautiful body. The first statement must be: I love you for what you are and accept you for all the curves and valleys. Hug yourself tight after that!

10. And Don’t Forget to Live

Always remember to be kind to self. If we are not kind to ourselves, we cannot be kind to others. Remember to smile to yourself and self-care is not selfish.

Signing off with this food for thought for all of you: “Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Instead, be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.”

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