Hurt is okay. It makes you more human. 

Imagine your life was only full of happy and good times, with nothing to heal from and learn. It would be a mess, just as impressive as it may sound! Feeling hurt and emotionally vulnerable is equally a significant part of life as happiness, joy, and fun. 

The bad days and times you feel lonely, hurt, or scared are times you learn more about and from life. Scars teach you to accept yourself. Hurt teaches you to restore yourself and heal from wounds others may not be able to see. 

Those times you have cried alone in the bath or buried your face into the pillow at night are probably times you have evolved and matured. Though it may sound cliche, hurt and sadness add to life’s ups and downs. 

The best way to deal with trauma or something that has you all anxious and caught up is to breathe and understand what you are going through. You need to learn what you need, appreciate what you have and keep faith in tomorrow. Never accuse yourself of feeling a particular way. Some people deal with stress differently, and some need help – which is fine individually – each journey to revival and healing is different and unique. 

What you can do for yourself is to allow yourself to feel what you feel. Validate your emotions and feel your feelings wholeheartedly. Something that may seem too much now shall face thin air in no time! All you got to do is understand that time heals everything and everyone. It’s just a matter of time before you feel amazing again! 

Breathe. Hurt only makes you more human. 

It is binding to focus on making yourself feel better and overcome the obstacle that makes you feel this way. Hurt and emotional instability pave the way to discovering yourself and self-pampering. It encourages self-love, which is very necessary for your well-being. 

May it be anger, frustration, jealousy, anxiety, hatred, prolonged crying, depression, unforgiveness, loneliness, fear, inadequacy, guilt, or emptiness: you must prioritize your mental state and encourage yourself to feel better. Rationalize and logically think of solutions to feel better. Make an effort. Accept yourself and appreciate yourself for feeling everything and anything human! 

Breathe. It is all fine. Hurt and scars maketh you.  

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