Spice It Up

Life is uncertain and ever-changing. We all tend to get lost in the monotonous routine of every day and somehow lose our identity and love for anything adventurous. We almost give into the drill and forget the essence of living life to the fullest. Yes, work is essential. Yes, kids are important. Yes, spending time at home and doing our duties is necessary. But, what is more important is to make sure that we are ourselves the whole time – what we used to be when we laughed freely, what we used to be when we traveled without second thoughts, and what we used to be when we lived life our way!

Somewhere, most often than not, men and women equally lose touch with what used to be before all these so-called responsibilities, and mundane rituals came into being. How effortless it used to be to self-love, self-indulge, and be a little selfish!

While it is important to stay rooted and grounded, it is also necessary to let loose and be free once in a while. If a partner can understand and participate in this holistic approach to life, there is nothing like it: if not, it is outstanding to wave off, take a break, and spice it up ourselves.

Breathe – it is not that hard! Taking a day off, listening to good music, shaming a leg, writing a journal, reading a book or two, and being away from the routine can be a start. This has more positive effects than one can imagine! Thinking outside the box, doing things differently, and enjoying what we do, are all ways to revitalize and rejuvenate our inner selves. The idea is to avoid getting bored of ourselves – which is more often the case with many individuals though they might choose to disagree.

Being a little selfish is healthy – for our mental health! But on the other hand, being greedy, prioritising self-love, and honouring peace and mental satisfaction are necessary for us. This will help us maintain a healthy life outside of who we are and help us be better spouses, better parents, better friends, better colleagues, and better us, to put it straight!

There are other exciting ways to heal ourselves and focus on bettering ourselves. Get out into nature, smile and laugh more often, take charge of our routine lives, and always have something fun and exciting to do apart from loving what we do regularly. Taking more pictures, being more relevant and in the scene, recording instances, keeping memories fresh, replaying and reliving happy moments, zoning out once in a while, fantasizing about life, dreaming big and living life entirely can also help with spicing up things and keeping life happening!

Days are not coming back, and they are not stopping for us to lay back. Time is flying, and so are we aging; there is so much more to life than just being us! However, exploring and encountering outside of our comfort zone will never lead us to regret – they will create memories that we can relive a thousand times, and it is worth it!

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