Sway To The Beats And Tunes

Most of you would have heard of this: “Dance like nobody’s watching; love as you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” 

So how many of you sing and dance at home while doing work? Break into a jig while cooking? Just switch on the Music and sway? Have you ever been afraid someone’s going to watch you? Or do you plug in your headphones and Dance? You could sing too. It feels so good to be in this happy state when you dance! But Music and Dance have those magical effects on a terrible, lousy mood! Beating those blues becomes so important!

Which is your favourite Music? Do you have a go-to-playlist? Every person has at least one music app downloaded to their smartphone. It’s always plugged in during workouts, driving, cooking, etc. While Music awakens senses and activates happy hormones, Dance has similar effects, too – mobilizes the body, and shakes inertia. 

Research shows how physical activity increases the secretion of endorphins – the particular neurotransmitter substances in the brain. Dancing is one of the best physical activities, and once you add Music to the combo, it can help beat all your fatigue and sadness. Music and Dance are being considered therapy for those seeking professional mental health support.

1. Body Positivity

You will begin developing a better body image. Body positivity is unconditionally accepting your body as it is, in its proper form. Music and Dance help you do that. You switch on Music (any music according to your mood), close your eyes, and concentrate on the beats and sway. Good hormones start flowing in the body, and you will feel happier. Endorphins do this – boost spirits! The best part about Dance is you can create your steps. Music will do the rest. So be a dervish!

2. Meditation & Rooting

Have you watched videos of whirling dervishes (also called Sufi whirling)? It’s calming! They dance to Sufi beats in circles, in a meditative trance, listening to prayers for the prophet and peppy Turkish Music. These dancing circles are supposed to symbolise the planets revolving around the sun in the solar system. As a dancing dervish, you sacrifice your ego and personal desires and let your body go. The famous poet Rumi established this practice in the 13th century. The Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul have been recognized as UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage. You can sway the same way in your house with your eyes closed (of course, be mindful of the furniture around you!). 

These days, a few teachers’ training and corporates have started including body workshops and theatre in their programs. Participants are first made aware of their bodies and surroundings, similar to the dervishes. Then, a mild swaying of bodies to meditative Music creates wonders!

3. Helps You Express

There are specific programs to encourage participants to write songs, compose Music, and sing. Music can be used to modify behaviours and even bring good changes at the community level. For example, one of the therapies uses Music to motivate patients to express feelings, describe sensations in their body, and stimulate memories long hidden from the world and visuals formed after listening to the music piece. The same goes for Dance.

4. Shaking A Leg To Happiness

Any happy occasion is incomplete without a song and Dance across the globe – especially our big, fat Indian weddings! A lot of positive energy reverberates when a group of people dances. No fun can be compared to families of all ages shaking a hip to Bollywood, hip hop, Salsa, Latino, Bachata, Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz, Tap dance, Contemporary Dance, or any dance style of the world. You name it, and these styles are part and parcel of all happy occasions like weddings and births. Event planners make it a point to have a choreographer on their team who prepare family members for the experience. 

5. Boosts Cardiovascular Health 

Research says dancing reduces the chances of developing heart disease. Fitness enthusiasts recommend a moderate-intensity dance movement to remain fit. When stamina is good, one can always be active and do tasks irrespective of age.

6. Dance Movements Improve Core Strength

It helps build balance in the body and boosts muscle strength in the region between your upper and lower body. Various dance forms teach you to develop core strength in the body. It’s imperative to look after your body’s power for all activities! There are many ways to improve your core, and dancing is one of the best ways because it includes simple steps like lifting, bending, squatting, and raising your hands will help develop the best core.

7. Good Shot At Self-Esteem

Look at yourself in the mirror. Switch on Music and Dance away. Each twist and turn in every step will make you feel good about yourself. Make sure you shake your hips well ‘coz hips don’t lie, and neither does the mirror! 

8. Comfort & Strength To Conquer All Odds

Patients suffering from terminal illnesses have been known to battle illness thanks to Music and Dance. They help you gain confidence that you can beat it all! Music provides comfort other than human touch when you fight a battle with your body.

9. Lowers Anxiety

When you have a panic/anxiety attack, Music and Dance help calm down the pressure points in the body. Beats and pleasant Music fill you with warm sensations to bring down the overwhelming emotions you are undergoing.

10. Reduces Cognitive Decline

It has been found that both Music and Dance possess unique powers to help reduce memory loss and the aging process to a large extent. It keeps you youthful and lively! Remembering lyrics and dance steps helps maintain alert brain cells! Neural connections remain stronger.

So, what are you waiting for? Plug in your favourite Music. Do tell us your favourite genre of Music and Dance! What keeps you going – Music or Dance? Or Both!!!

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