Morning Routine

Despite being guilty of terrible morning routines for years together, I have ultimately comprehended the significance of peace, calm, good vibes, determination, and discipline as soon as we wake up.

I have experienced extreme mood swings and irritation early in the morning, regardless of whether or not I slept well during the night. This was only because of what I did instantly after I woke up. I was abysmal in maintaining discipline and routine in my life. I have been too easygoing, and this attitude cost me my physical health and mental shape. And also the days that could have been better and a lot of my potential to do well and be productive.

You would not find this abnormal. We are all guilty of this behaviour. The first item on my list when I opened my eyes was to check my phone. And scan through all the different notifications that had flooded it. It did no good whatsoever! I walked into the loo with my phone and sat for minutes daily. I did not know how time flew by. I checked my emails, messages, social media accounts, news, and whatnot!

All this while, I read articles about how I must not glimpse at my phone as soon as I wake up. And also, the last thing we do before going to sleep must not be to check our phone. Easy to read, so hard to practice! But then, one fine day, I stopped the practice and did something different – I woke up, felt good about the day, said a word of prayer and gratitude, and affirmed being positive and productive. I took each day, one day at a time!

I walked to the loo empty-handed, brushed my teeth, washed my face with cold water, and drank a glass of warm water. I then went to the balcony, watched the day unfold before me, and listened to my love birds chirping and wishing me a good day! Finally, I took a few minutes for myself and recollected everything I was to finish and accomplish that day.

Not looking at my phone did not cost me anything at all. Instead, it helped me prepare myself for the day better. So I decided to make this my daily morning routine.

My newfound routine is highly wholesome and healthy – both physically and mentally. It does all good things to the mind and keeps me away from the screen early in the morning. It keeps me away from the constant competition of social media and the toxic drama of the world. I got some time to infuse positive energy within me to deal with the day.

I encourage each one to try this out. Then, of course, we can always add things like a small workout session, yoga, reading something light like a few pages from a novel, taking a shower, perhaps bathroom singing to let that adrenaline flow, listening to good music, and so on!

With a planned routine, start your day well, spend your day well and end your day well.

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