Depression Is Real

Easier said than done; depression and anxiety are not easy to cope with. Mental health is as significant, if not more, than physical health. Being void of diseases is not what well-being is all about. A person’s complete and wholesome well-being combines physical and mental health, including psychological, financial, spiritual, and social aspects too.

People often misunderstand depression and anxiety. Someone may not continually cry or look upset to be affected by either or both. Someone who appears absolutely “normal” and acceptable in the eyes of others could also be dealing with something within.

Always ensure you check up on friends and family. Not every day is the same. You never know what someone is going through until you fill their shoes or be in their situation.

Offer to help. Offer to talk and offer to listen. Sometimes and phases exist when someone wants another person to listen to them. Letting out what is within and being open about what is going on can, in a way, heal the person.

If someone is not willing to be open and speak up, restrain from going on asking what the problem is. Some people prefer to keep it to themselves, and you must respect their choice. Instead, offer a hot coffee or tea, take them out to get some fresh air, or even watch a movie – perhaps leave them alone if they demand so.

Anything you can do to help someone cope with their mental health will go a long way. Fortunately, many of us seek support and acceptance in this wild world for many reasons. Some seek mental health support for personal causes, and some for professional help. Things that worry someone may not even seem big enough as a reason to fear for you – but for some, it is indeed a difficult situation. Therefore, respect people by not being judgemental, responsible, and assisting in relieving someone of their pain in the best way possible.

Never judge someone who needs your shoulder. Always be there for someone who needs you – you might need someone someday! Depression and anxiety can be very different from what they may seem to you. It is not a small thing or something that can be brushed under the carpet. It is as real as daylight, and the world needs more mindful and understanding people. Now, more than ever.

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