Red Flags

Red flags. Is it common in a relationship? It seems so. Not just in any romantic affinities. One can see it in any relationship – between colleagues, friends, sisters, brothers, or family members. So what is a red flag? A forewarning indication that reveals harmful and unhealthy or manipulative conduct. 

A committed relationship between partners needs work and effort. Period. The point to cite here is ‘commitment from both ends.’ Applies to any relationship. First, what should one be aware of?

Stay put and believe in yourself over anyone else. Do not hold another accountable for what your thoughts are. Likewise, do not allow anyone to hold you responsible for something you haven’t done. There should be mutual respect for what two people believe and do. 

Anger is a gigantic red flag. Someone who does not know how to control anger is a person who needs help. On the other hand, you must not lose your cool and end up being a toxic person, either. Anger management takes time, and anyone willing to work on it will eventually bear fruit. 

Jealousy, over-possessiveness, lack of trust, and lack of emotional maturity are other red flag in any relationship. One must allow another to grow, develop and explore at their own pace. It would help if you were not forced or forced to see beyond what you see. Over-dependency of any sort is a killer – may it be an emotional, intellectual, financial, or social dependency. Allow yourself space and time to figure out your life. Likewise, allow your partner or friend to do so too. Autonomy is good for overall well-being. A lack of space in a relationship will ruin any connection in the long run. 

Abuse of any sort is a red flag that must not be left unnoticed. Abuse is not always physical and does not always involve violent acts. Unfortunately, some abusers know very well how to play the cards. Emotional, financial, psychological, and social abuse is all widespread but often unrecognized. Never allow anyone to take the best of you, and do not let yourself down for anyone. 

You are feeling guilty and playing the victim. Some people live in self-pity, and it is often too confusing to understand who the victim in such situations is. As human beings with emotions and mood swings, we are all quite toxic in our ways – the best of us know how to handle things better and live accordingly. Therefore, it is essential to recognise where you need help and be vocal about the whole thing. You must not feel guilty for doing something you always wanted – you must not let anyone else feel so. 

Red flags can be anything that destroys the foundation of a good relationship that stands strong with love, trust, kindness, honesty, loyalty, and humane. Be the person who sets your boundaries first and helps others to set theirs and respect others when they say no. 

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