Stay Kids

We are all caught up in the whirlwind of adulthood, responsibilities, commitments, and priorities. Too often, we forget who we indeed are from within… Time flies, and we age: unaware of how we spent the years that went past us so quickly!

Like we have all been told, time holds for none, and we ought to take full credit for how useful or not we have utilized time for ourselves! In a blink, we turn into our thirties from our twenties and fifties from our forties, and little do we know what we eventually missed out on!

It is as important to love, accept, understand and be there for ourselves as it is to contribute to the community. It is also necessary to live life, so we value who we are as individuals. It is not about aging, how much money we make, or how many countries we’ve traveled to. It is about what we’ve become from the inside – have we become more sensitive, caring, loving, nurturing, and kind, or have we just given in to the mundane nuances of life being devoid of emotional stability and the innocent intellect we once had?

The key is the focus on staying the kids we always were. From within, the childlike blamelessness and the spirit of curiousness mold us to be sincere in our lives. It is more about staying kids rather than living a fabulously luxurious boring life! The more we are in touch with nature and our inner selves, the more successful we are in maintaining mental health and bringing a precise balance between living life and just surviving.

As important as it is to be sincere and hardworking as an adult and take care of ourselves and our family, it is also necessary to love ourselves, pamper ourselves, be friendly and respectful to ourselves and keep the spirit of excellence burning within us. This will help us age gracefully and not become old mentally and emotionally. Keep the light burning – keep the doors open, keep nature close and vibes clear.

Give a chance to second thoughts and clear your head once in a while, like you would clear out an old cupboard. Stay ahead; live, and let live – perhaps like children, play (live) and have fun!

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