Be You

Happiness is Being Who YOU are. Every day is a new day and an opportunity to be the best version of yourself! I understand what Wilde meant what he said years ago, ‘be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.’

I get it now. I am myself now- no masks and filters(Of course, I am not talking about my make-up). I know my worth. What I am and what I feel is unique. I accept myself for who I am. It is what makes me unique. It does not matter what others think of me. It does not even count what others’ opinion is about me. I know who I am. 

If we look at it one day at a time, what you can do to be happy is quite simple. Waking up in the morning every day is a blessing in itself. You can and must be pleased about it. It is a fact. Accepting each day as it is, is a gift you can give yourself. Allowing yourself to breathe and bask in the glory of everything that’s going on in your life is a vital triumph factor. 

Offering someone help is a fabulous way of showing gratitude. You become a part of someone else’s life or day, which can positively impact how you feel. That can enhance happiness and instigate a sense of confidence and contentment. 

Happiness, therefore, is a part of YOU. Honestly, you do not need any external force to make you happy. Simple, everyday things can make you happy – and that happiness is immeasurable. 

Do not look for happiness elsewhere; it is right where you are, within you – you need to open your eyes and heart and believe it. Just remember, BE YOU.

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