YOU Are The Mountain

This write-up is enlightened by Brianna Wiest’s book, The Mountain is You. It is a fact, we usually overlook when it comes to achieving our dreams and goals.

We sure are quick to wish, dream, desire, and want. However, not all of us get down and take the rough road to achieve the desired destination. Honestly, I have been guilty of it too. For so long. I have always wished for a certain lifestyle and attributes that could keep me happier, but I realised that I have never really taken any major steps in getting there!

That’s when I realised that getting out of our comfort zone and doing what it takes requires self-confidence, self-awareness, determination, discipline, and willingness from within. I have experienced what these things can do in life. Being an oversized girl from childhood, I have never been able to lose much weight. However, when the Pandemic hit and we were stuck within four walls, something inside instigated me to be disciplined and determined to lose weight. I focused on my desire to shed a few pounds and made sure I worked towards it. It took some time, but it did show results.

We have all been guilty of procrastinating, being lazy, giving excuses, and not being as mindful as we are supposed to be. It’s only human. However, isn’t it time to take a moment and start right away to build that dream you’ve been dreaming?

Look deeper to realise that we are the mountain. And we alone can move ourselves to reach our destiny! Move the mountain of insecurities, fears, experiences, scars, imperfections, and personal hardships. Set them aside to see what is on the other side. It will be worth the effort and time.

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