A Zola Muse Story

Gina and I, go back a long way. From the very first interaction, I was inspired by her. She is focused, funny, and full of life. She is so dedicated and she was well aware of what she wanted and where she was heading ever since she started her entrepreneurial journey. Since 2014, I have been a proud owner of some of her amazing work. She designs amazing jewellery and every piece of her jewellery tells a unique story.

As Gina competently says, ‘Babe, you are wearing a fragment of history filled with Art and Culture. You are wearing a piece of earth’, and truth be told, it is true. Through Gina, Zola India collaborated with Dhokra and Pattachitra from Orissa, Toda embroidery from Tamilnadu, Wall Mural art and Aranmula mirror from Kerala, Leather puppetry and Lac Turnery from Andhra Pradesh, Bidri from Karnataka, and Bead embroidery from Gujarat. She has worked with over 500 artisans from these states and has driven over 30 Design intervention workshops in rural India.

So imagine my surprise when she called me one day and said, ‘hey Babe, I want you to be my muse.’ Of course, I was thrilled. This will be my first modelling assignment. In the next few weeks, Gina will call me to sort out what to wear, from sarees to dresses, she raided my wardrobe and chose two that she was convinced will work with the Zola jewellery that I own. Gina and Avinash, the most amazing photographer banded and fixed the dates and well, I became a Zola Muse.

On the day of the shoot, I woke up, packed my jewellery, saree, and dress and drove to my favorite Salon, got myself made up(a little bit of makeup and hair, that’s all.), and drove to the location. Avinash joined me and I had an amazing time being a model. As I was walking through the streets, folks passing by kept gazing at me, I felt like a star. Sure, it is a nice feeling. I have to say, it was a nice, sure absolutely excellent feeling.

During the whole time, during each change of cloth, Gina was on the video call, directing me, dressing me up, and mandating how to wear her piece of art. She was fabulous. And after being a Zola fangirl for over eight years, I told Gina, ‘am at a stage where I am in love with myself. The older I get the younger I feel. The mistakes from my past moulded me to be stronger. Life lessons, I value them more than ever. And wearing a piece designed by you makes me beautiful. I feel like a diva. I feel love, appreciation, and excitement.’

And after the shoot, I miss the attention I got for myself. It sure is addictive. I did tell her, I am up for it again. Gina said,‘sure Babe…anytime.’ Do you think it’s too soon to ask her? Maybe I should wait. Right! I sure should. For the last eight years, I have been a fan of Zola, India, and without a doubt, a fan of Gina. She is so full of life and it shows in the designs she assembles.

Today as she is having an amazing sale happening taking this opportunity to support my friend and her efforts. As Serena Williams once said “every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” To Gina and Zola.

Story of Zola founder Gina Joseph

The season of festivities, lots of fun and of course dressing up is on! 
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Zola India lets rural & folk artisans represent themselves through wearable art. It is a voice that describes their tales to the planet, encouraging them to discover sustained economic empowerment.

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