The Deluge

The sky was murky
With monsoon clouds
Dark green was the jungle
To receive a warm rain.

Arrived at the first shower
Flowers bend with the wind
Whipping the raindrops,
To my sleepless nights.

Rain starts singing a lullaby
Rain plays a little sleep hymn
Let's walk in the rain
Barefooted, bare-legged
Get wet in the rain,
Get drenched in the woods,
Moved about in the drizzling.

Let's smile like an umbrella, 
Which never goes up.
Let's snigger in joy, 
Like a toddler, 
With a face full of charm.

A tear made a hole in the stone,
Sky banked with clouds,
Thunder rolled down from the hills,
The roof was leaking,
A swift hiss carried away the pebbles.

The river was swollen, 
And crept over to the bank, 
The world transformed, 
As a vast river.

I saw a little boat
Moving swiftly down the river
It was full of hope
Stroking smoothly, rhythmically.
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