Life Is

Life is a mystery;
See through the glass - 
Yellow so bright, brown so not,
Moulded into fine art that speak
Volumes of human legacy…
Good, bad, ugly;
Godmen of diminishing values -
Rituals that are sworn by cultures
So vast and surreal:
Too deep rooted and strong;
As true as the stars they seem.

Blurred are visions of success,
Fine values, morals, etiquette,
Basic courtesy, leave alone 
Love, compassion and true passion. 
It is as though no one cares anymore
Of what truly matters.
All is a sham, all is a scam - 
Life has become more of 
Fake laughs, pouts, emotions,
Reels, scripts and lessons…
More power to those who
Break these slowly emerging
Shackles of destructive future
And bring forth light of faith,
Joy, trust, belief and love.

These souls heal this world
And sow seeds of goodness
That reep wellness and 
Peace and everything nice…
They are real heroes 
Perhaps not seen on screens!
Life, like everything else 
Is an amalgam of both
Fair and not, good and bad. 
Eyes that see and hearts that feel
Shall witness the essence of 
The purpose and time…
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