Food And Health

The food we eat is the ultimate mantra to good health. We ought to choose wisely. The millennial generation has changed the way food is perceived and consumed. Food plays a major role in how healthy or not a generation turns out to be.

Today’s generation is bombarded with junk foods and aerated drinks, destroying not just physical fitness, but physiological health as well with its adverse effects. “To stay well, you eat well”!

Food and food joints have understood the requirements of today’s taste buds and are catering to what is severely unhealthy to the body. They fail to realize and notice the effects of consuming junk food regularly. Obesity, diabetes, cardio-related concerns, hypertension, untimely aging, stress, and cholesterol are a few health-related concerns we face today. Cancer is another chronic concern related to all the severely preserved, packed, and junked food we eat.

Eating healthy has become more of a “style statement” and eating junk, is a lifestyle! Burgers, pizzas, fried food, aerated cold drinks, and many more such fried and fatty foods have taken over healthy meals leaving behind more people with severe lifestyle and food habit-related health issues.

Eating “healthy” is now an expensive affair!

Deteriorating health, on one hand, there are many cases of mental and psychological instability and stagnation seen in today’s generation mainly due to unhealthy food habits.

Fruits and vegetables are not as healthy as they used to be – nothing is fresh anymore – everything is adulterated with artificial pesticides and fertilizers. From snacks made out of plastic and poultry intoxicated with steroids, most of what we consume today is unhealthy.

To begin making a difference, we must begin with making more healthy choices. From buying fruits and vegetables from local vendors and farmers to avoiding packaged and preserved factory-made foods, we can take small steps to a healthier life.

We must always remember – a healthy mind and a healthy body is what we need to maintain well-being and inspire good health in our future generations!

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