Love Signs And Astrology

Every now and then… you may come across a believer and a non-believer in occult science. Astrology… is one such exciting science! There have been claims of prophecies coming true and events taking place as ‘predicted’. 

Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, there is always teeny-weeny interest in knowing how the planetary alignments affect a person’s intrinsic nature. My area of admiration has always been how astrology affects compatibility between souls. How the five elements of mother nature orchestrate the mind to ideate the strongest emotion experienced by humankind – Love

It is not like the zodiac will pave your way for eternal love. Or will serve you love on a platter because you belong to a certain star sign. It just has to do with the compatibility between two signs and hence more likelihood of love blooming between them. Love or compatibility between zodiac signs has been an interesting study although it has no real science backing it. It is interesting to see how the zodiac affects a person’s basic nature and how two different people get drawn to each other because of that very nature. 

Since astrology can explain your nature, it can also determine your compatibility with the other sun or moon signs to an extent. There are some ‘Star’ matches as also some ‘disaster’ matches according to the science of Astrology. The star compatibility can well be termed ‘Divine’ matches that have proved their prowess more often than not. If you have experienced ‘Love at first Sight’ or ‘Hatred in all its might’, it could well be because of your Zodiac! Let’s look at some of these Divine and stellar compatible zodiacs and why they may be so!

The sign of Cancer belongs to the Water Signs, while Capricorn is essentially the Earth/Land sign. Just as land and water complement each other, so does this match. Cancer is the shy crab. Emotional and intuitive. They are highly sensitive to their surroundings and will instantly pick up changing energies in a room. Draws into its shell at the first signs of trouble. And it takes a lot of effort to bring the crab out of its shell. Capricorn on the other hand is the Horned-goat that climbs up the mountain. 

Capricorns are very practical, very hardworking, visionary and ambitious people. They have a relentless pursuit of their goals in life. Since the Cancer and Capricorn are so vastly different, they end up complementing each other. 

Heard of ‘Opposites attract’? They may well be talking about a Cancer-Capricorn match. The perseverance required to draw out the crab from its shell can only be offered by the relentless Capricorn. And the emotional side of this practical, material world can only be introduced by Cancer to the Capricorn. Just like the land protects water and water nurtures the land, similarly, this is a match that has all the elements of an eternal, everlasting relationship. Sweet, Sincere and amorous.
Pisces. The fish, and Scorpio – the scorpion are both Water Signs. Their innate qualities are very similar. Both are intuitive and emotional to the extent of being schmaltzy. Pisces, essentially, is very sensitive and soulful. Their emotions flow like water and are very protean. Very Spiritual and seldom materialistic. No one is more aware of the temporal qualities of life than a Pisces. Taking a practical decision is particularly hard for them. 

Scorpio on the other hand is an amphibian. It lives on land as well as water. Which makes it adept at living both spiritual and material life simultaneously with ease. Scorpio is spiritual while also being ambitious. They can work hard and party hard. They love the fine things in life. And more so if there’s a personal touch to it. 

Both, the Pisces and the Scorpio are clairvoyant and intuitive to a great extent. This makes their attraction toward each other almost transcendental and psychic. Scorpio derives its strength from the psychic and emotional realm, just like the Pisces and that makes them ‘soul-mates’ forever. Scorpio is determined and direct, which Pisces is not. No one is more loyal than the Pisces, while no one demands more loyalty than the Scorpio – Which makes them the perfect pair.
Leo. The lion is a Fire Sign. And so is Sagittarius – The Archer. This is a ‘House On Fire’ combo in every sense of the word. Sagittarius is unique and brazen. A rare blend of passion, curiosity and intensity. They are seekers – of knowledge and pleasure. Driven by wanderlust, they are not afraid to lose their way and chart their own path. Brutally honest and equally ruthless. Their motto is ‘Go Big, or go Home!’ They seek knowledge and adventure, which makes them so very attractive. Leo is passionate, eccentric, egoistic and egotistic. Full of themselves. ‘They’ are their favourite people on earth. Not a bad thing at all. They love themselves and hence love to self-indulge as well. This also means they are well read and knowledgeable, curious, generous and great entertainers. Leadership comes naturally to them and they like to ‘Rule their Pride’. 

The Sagittarius’s quest for knowledge draws them to the All-knowing Leo! Leo’s grandeur appeals to Sagittarius. Both are passionate and fire-bellied. Conformity is alien to them. They can love and romance with complete abandon. Nothing can bind this fiery combo down or stop them from having a fulfilling, inspiring and whirlwind affair. Caution is only when they can’t tone down their anger. They can literally set the House on FIRE!!
Aquarius. The water bearer, is ironically an Air Sign. And so is Gemini – The Twins. Talk about ‘Love is in the AIR’! Dubbed one of the cleverest of all signs – the Aquarius, is exceptionally intellectual and optimistic. They are the ‘Nurturers’ of the Zodiac. Somewhat of a perfectionist, they seek sovereignty and authenticity. ‘Nothing but the best’ is what they expect and hence become quite a loner. Often misjudged as ‘difficult’, they seldom have a huge friend circle. Melancholy is their ally. 

Gemini on the other hand is easy-going and adaptable. They easily blend in any situation. Extremely enthusiastic and extroverted. They are the ‘Social beings’ of the zodiac. They love to party and have massive social circles. Intelligent but indecisive and very very impulsive. Everything in their life is a ‘spur of the moment’ decision. They could be raging angry with you one minute, and forget about it the next. They can even forget what made them angry in the first place. There’s never a dull moment with a Gemini. 

Intelligence and Individuality bring the Aquarius and Gemini together. Gemini’s dual nature makes it indecisive. It needs direction and nurturing which is Aquarius’s USP. Gemini’s social skills draw the Aquarius out of their solitude and enjoy the sunlight. Gemini, being the social butterfly, douses Aquarius’s monotony and brings fun and frolic. Aquarius on the other hand brings sense and sensibilities to Gemini. Together they balance each other out like yin and yang. 

There are many other compatible matches for sure and this definitely cannot be an exhaustive list. Compatibility cannot be defined and governed by astrology alone. There are many other factors that affect our perceptions of love. Just as there are divine matches, there are astrological disasters…and exceptions to the rule too!

Whatever you choose to believe, love does move mountains……sun, moon and planets too.

Love, they say, is Blind. I say it could be Astral too !

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