Freedom Means Ownership

To begin with, freedom comes with great accountability. You earn freedom when you are wholly mindful of what you are capable of, competent on, and responsible for. The more you practice being yourself and taking ownership of your actions, the more liberated you become.

You have to make smart choices and savvy decisions to reach what is called absolute freedom. Your choices and actions have an impact on how liberated you are as a person. The more you know yourself and take accountability for who you are as an individual, the better understanding you have about your freedom.

Taking ownership of your life and actions is a great way to impart your ideologies to those around you. You radiate confidence and inspire others to take decisions that can eventually lead them to their freedom.

To be candid if I can, freedom is not just about living by yourself, doing things yourself and not being accountable to anyone. It is in fact much greater. It is understanding, why you are doing what you are doing. That very understanding of your drive, your inspiration, your goals and your passion is the core of being liberated as an individual.

Freedom therefore is accountability, the right attitude towards life, wise choices, the character you possess, the actions you take and the ones you don’t, the standing you build for yourself and ownership of your life. It is not just actions… It is a way of life.

Always remember, with freedom to think and act the way you want comes great responsibility towards yourself. Own your life. Own your actions. Own your freedom.

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