Time To Go Indoor Plant Shopping

Indoor Plants Usher Love, Peace & Prosperity. There is no delight like having plants at home. Having a green space at home means gifting fresh air to self and your loved ones. These days, there is a green thumb in every home. Gardening has become one of the most favourite and recommended activities, especially since the pandemic. The garden is a good place to unwind after a long day of work, a space to have your cuppa of energy drink – be it chai or coffee – in the morning as you begin your day. 

Who said animals are the only best friends of humans? Plants are great friends too and plant parents will vouch for this. They will tell you how much plants enjoy their company, and will express their passion and care needed for plant babies. They can talk to plants daily just like you talk to animals. Switch on good music daily, spend time with them, and they say plants respond to music quite well.

Plants can grow anywhere, even inside rooms. These plants do not need much sunshine but moderate amounts of water. There are many who do not have outdoor spaces to plant a garden. But it shouldn’t deter them from having indoor plants either. There are plants especially for homes and various rooms too. There are so many benefits of having plants inside your room. Here is my list of indoor plants to choose from.

1. Money Plant

True to its name, people grow money plants at home for good fortune, prosperity and wealth. Money plant leaves grow like vines. You can tie a string or thread in any shape you like, hook it up on the walls, and let the leaves grow over them. The leaves grow in the same shape. These are outdoor as well as indoor plants. Grow money plants in glass bottles but make sure you change the water every third day. It reduces anxiety, purifies the home, spreads positive energies at home too. They are safe for pets and good for those with allergies and asthma.

2. Araucaria or Christmas tree 

It is a beautiful and attractive plant that can grow quite tall. Yes, you can also grow this plant indoor. Its branches spread like whips and are covered with leaves shaped like needles. The advantage is you do not need to buy a separate Christmas tree for Christmas. Decorate it and light it up. Unlike the readymade Christmas trees, these can grow throughout the year and you need minimum amount of water for it. Water them weekly and a little more if it is too hot. Best plant for humid locations. As you are growing it indoor the care instruction is once in 10 to 15 days, the plant needs sunlight. So, please keep the plant pot outdoor for four to five hours.

3. Areca Palm 

It is also known as Butterfly Palm. This plant needs moisture just enough to keep the soil wet throughout the year. These plants can survive on diffused sunlight in the house. So, make sure you place them in a bright corner of the house. It improves the humidity content indoors, absorbs pollutants, adds to the aesthetics and most importantly, it is extremely safe for pets.

4. Snake Plant

This is another plant that grows well in diffused sunlight and a relatively dry soil. This means not much wetting is needed. It is an extremely hardy plant that survives on minimal moisture. It is extremely good for warm and hot zones. A word of caution from plant experts: you may want to keep pets away from this plant though it is low on toxicity.

5. Aloe Vera 

This grows with a short stem and thick green and fleshy leaves that spread out from the central stem of the plant. The edge of the leaf is serrated and has tiny spikes or teeth. You can place this plant in a bright corner with diffused sunlight. It has great medicinal properties – heals burns and cuts. The gel of aloe vera (the juicy part after splitting the thick leaf) is extremely good for the skin. It is safer to keep pets away from this plant. It doesn’t need frequent watering. Expert tip: grow this in a terracotta pot or any pot of porous material. It gives the soil to absorb water better.

6. Ferns

Also called “survivor” plants, these are one of the best indoor plants suggested by plant lovers. These grow best in terrariums. They look amazing in pots or hanging baskets. These are tropical, low maintenance plants. Make sure the leaves are moistened regularly if u have a dry air at home or in a dry clime. They are safe for pets

7. Monstera

Monstera Deliciosa is a beautiful ornamental plant that grows indoors. It helps purify the air. If looked after well, this plant can grow quite tall. The plant has the following benefits: calming the nervous system, improving humidity levels, and also bringing down the indoor temperature.

8. Anthurium

Known by its nickname Flamingo Flower, its red heart shaped leaves make the house bright and colourful. They are quite low on maintenance – needs a bright corner of the house with diffused sunlight. A word of caution: keep it away from pets and young children. It is a great air purifier and known to be effective in removing harmful chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde from the air.

9. Peace Lily

Another beautiful ornamental plant for the indoors, it is true to its name. It has amazing medicinal properties and purifies the air. A tropical evergreen plant, the Peace Lily is a blooming white flower that comes in glossy hues of dark green leaves. It purifies the air, maintains indoor humidity, helps in better sleep, reduces anxiety and if you are working, it will help in work productivity as well. A word of caution: keep pets and young children away.

10. Warneck Dracaena

The name of the plant being unique, this ornamental plant originates from the Greek word dragon. It has bold, sharp and dark coloured leaves. It is a very tough plant that can survive in all conditions. Hence its care is extremely easy. This is another house plant that helps purify the air, known to increase attention span, humidifies the house, and found to reduce respiratory problems. 

Here are some green tips

1. It is important to bring pet friendly and child friendly plants as well. So, when you buy a plant, it is equivalent to buying a pet. It needs the same nourishment, love and care that animals need. 

2. One has to be careful about the amount of water to be poured to the frequency of airing it as well. There are many plants that need water once in three days and there are those that need hydration on a daily basis. Sunlight is important for these plants too just like the outdoor plants in your garden but not as frequently. 

3. The right balance of water and sunlight needs to be struck to grow healthy indoor plants. Indoor plants add to the beauty of the house as well. There are many ornamental plants that don’t need much water but grow very well indoors. 

4. Excess water can be harmful for indoor plants. Hence it is advised that you must do good research before buying these plants to see if it is suitable for your house or not. 

5. It isn’t that it will bring negative energies to your home but the plant might die if the ambient temperature at your house is not ideal for it. 

6. Each indoor plant comes with its own unique qualities. So, do consult your gardener or someone who has in-depth knowledge in plants before investing in your green friend.

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” So, why not plant as many as you can! Go green!

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4 thoughts on “Time To Go Indoor Plant Shopping

  1. Wow 🤩 such a lovely blog post this is! We are proud plant parents too!! We have 7 out of the 10 you mentioned here. And some others like spider plant etc. It felt so good to be reminded of what indoor plants can do to us. I would love to share some pics with you as well 😍

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