The Timelines of Communication

Communication is one of the numerous necessary aspects of getting information across an individual or a group of individuals. The medium and the methods of communication rapidly increased as the advances, improvements, and progress in the field of technology skyrocketed.

Since 2018, the world has expanded dramatically, and so has how we communicate with one another.

In late December 2019, the world was hit by the Pandemic, and social media, and virtual communication soared to new heights. It was unseen, unreal, and beyond imagination. If we look at the timeline…

We have more online portals and applications today than we had perhaps two years back. With more grocery apps, more movie apps, higher rates of subscribers to OTT platforms, umpteen opportunities for virtual communication, virtual interviews, more working hours clocked online, an increase in usage and users of social media like Instagram and Facebook, everything has become just as far our fingers can go!

Letter writing is an art that died a few years ago. Normal telephone calls don’t happen as much today. Everything has become more mobile, more ‘on the go’. More and more video calls than meeting up in person. We are taken over by technology. We forget our roots!

This is when we need to realize that there are a few things we need to hold on to and show our future generations – like being more available for one another – encouraging communication on a more personal level.

We must continue to write letters, make phone calls, meet our friends and family, sit down for meals together, and so on. This will help us remember, cherish and contribute values that we have been brought up with to the next generation.

Though technology and advancements are part of our lives, we must understand and value what we have come through. After all, it was not that bad!

Pause and ponder!
Pause and reflect!
Pause and rekindle!

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