Art Of Caring For Your Baby

Babies…They are adorable. Cute, noisy, funny, and cranky all at the same time. They grow up so fast that one day there comes a time, the inevitable happens and, it will be the last day you pick them up! Terrifying and captivating at the same time.

Being a mom, all one can do is be there for your baby. It is all we can do. Babies are like adhesive, clingy all the time, for up to a certain span, and can we blame them for it. They need attention and engagement. They learn through our interactions and need time to comprehend and start exploring things on their own.

Time. That’s what we have to offer our babies. They need help with everything. They need warmth, care, love, and everything you can provide them. So when your baby demands you to hold them, hold them. If they want you to pick them up, pick them up. It sounds simple, but we tend to overlook it. Let’s sing to them, read to them, and talk to them. Let’s do it. Simple as that.

Let us face it. Many say holding your baby for too long, making him sleep on your chest, and patting will spoil them. However, the fact is, before you realise, our babies will stop asking us for all this, and you will miss them stalking you to the bathroom!

Holding your baby or swaying him to sleep will not pamper them. It creates a beautiful bond between a mother and baby. Recent studies show that kangaroo care, also called skin-to-skin contact, is a technique where babies are held chest to chest or skin to skin with a parent. In this fast-paced gen Z, connections, bonds, the value of relationships, and such aspects of life, are missed, forgotten, and omitted. So, let’s make it a point to rekindle that forgotten and highly understated essence of touch and warmth in a baby’s early years of life.

Not only does this help bond with your baby, but it is furthermore medically beneficial to our babies. This method of caring for your baby can stabilize the heart and respiratory (breathing) rates, improve oxygen saturation rates, better regulate body temperature and conserve our baby’s calories.

Holding and touching your baby improves their brain development and helps them mature, and, grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually. So next time you have someone criticizing you for holding your baby and “spoiling” your baby, enlighten them with these facts.

Along with this, reading to your baby, talking to them, and having good conversations with your baby. (even though they may not understand a word you say) They catch on to your expressions and react. They converse with sounds and reactions. Chatter about sound topics around your baby, pray with them, sing songs, dance for them, play with them, kiss them often, show them around, love them, and display what it is like to be who you’ve become and who they are to you…

It is important to say goodbye to myths and start understanding what is required for YOU, your baby, and both the development of a newborn baby and a new mother/father.

Happy Baby Days!

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