Make Peace A Priority

It is essential to hold our ground, know our thoughts, take our stand and make peace our priority. It is easy to lose cool, go astray, feel worthless, rebel and destroy our vibe. Only to later discover what a wasted effort and time it had all been!

Keeping calm is a universal mantra that is perhaps so underrated in this world of impulsive minds. Smart-phones taking over our minds, social media taking over our lives, we have become meer puppets with no real values to keep up to. Everything has become such a sham, everything is just a show. This is why we need to understand that making peace with who we are, what we are doing, how we are feeling will help us find ourselves in the deeper realms.

We must not, for anything in this world, lose our calm and peace of mind. Let us be a little selfish, be a little upfront – and it’s alright. For our peace is in our hands. Let us not just look for calmness in the open vastness of the ocean but in the deeper darkness of ourselves. Let us not search for happiness in the mysterious spheres of the universe, but in the laughter, joy, emotions and the very inner being of ourselves. Letting go can help in the whole process. Let go of hurt and find the path to healing. This is one way we can keep our peace. Not holding grudges, not judging people, minding our own business, drinking a lot of water and being content in life are a few things we can do to hold on to our peace. 

Finding peace must be a habit, an unconscious tendency, a part of our lifestyle. Let us learn to protect our peace – at all cost.

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