Kneel Not

Kneel not to the people who stand humiliating 
Try not to bring them happiness 
Fire is good if keep the distance 
The moment when get close, 
Will either be burnt or plunged into it and vanish. 

Kneel not to the vice who shed negative vibes, 
Try not to assemble too gloomy tide, 
Every thought creates power, 
Produces its current. 

Kneel not to the situation of ineptitude 
Try not to surrender to dejection 
Inability to face a crisis, callousness 
Oh, cut off a branch of a tree, 
A new limb grows back in time. 

Kneel not to stumbling blocks 
Try not to run away from problems 
Convert pitfalls into an objective 
Failure in the first instance, 
Is not necessarily perish 
Avail the potential of other chances 
Regain what was lost in the first niche. 

Kneel not to bad backgrounds 
Try not to immerse in the show of dreams 
Oh, pour a hundred buckets of water, 
A plant will not become a tree overnight, 
Take baby steps to progress. 

Kneel not to the dark predicament, 
Try not to hear castles of lies 
The entire universe is suited to the needs of all 
Create goldenly moments, if possible 
Realize thyself, surrender to peace, 
Live a dignified life, abundant in self-love.
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