Beat the Blues with Music

Music has an innate connection with our souls. Each time a tune reverberates in our vicinity, we unconsciously sway to the beats. The sensation we get with each sound-wave is intense. The sound waves transcend the body and pulsate in our senses. They say music has this power to calm you.

Many of you will have their own ways to calm themselves – some may go into silence, some use water as a medium for therapy and some may use simple meditation techniques – there are many techniques. Each one must find their own way of calming the body and healing and see what works for them, rather see how their body reacts to each technique.

Music has another magic altogether. It has no language. It simply communicates signals to the body to create cells to heal. Many even say plants respond to music and grow well. As they say it is a matter of faith and when you see it happen in front of the eyes, experience it yourself, it is even more magical.

Great legendary musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Bruce Springsteen and many more have described music as food for the soul, magical and something that can transform the world. One of my favourite singers in the country music genre is Bob Marley. His words – “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” – still resonate and echo whenever I am low and all down!

Such is the magic of music. It lifts the soul and helps you transcend
all barriers to reach your destination – work, love, dreams and life itself!

1. Creating a musical routine

This helps a lot. Start making a routine to incorporate music in day-to-day life. You can have your favourite playlist, plug it in and dance. Choose one part of the day for the same.

2. Recognizing an emotional trigger

This is important so that you know which music will calm you down. Choose your music and segregate your playlists accordingly in the phone. Plug in the moment you know you are about to be overwhelmed by emotions – that point where feelings hit the peak and you cannot feel anything around you, you are all numb! Then there is an outburst – recognize this sign. Music helps you calm these nerves.

3. Music, you heal me!

Read this somewhere: “Music has the healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a little while.” How true this is! Music draws people out of their comfort zones to do things they never did – shake and sway to beats even in the middle of nowhere, perhaps even walk with a pep in the strides. People have changed their patterns and ways of behaviour.

Negative statements turn into positive affirmations. Despair turns to hope and optimism hits the peak. Scientifically speaking, hormones get altered and our brain sends positive signals to the body! Music has been found to benefit health greatly! So up your wellness quotient now!

4. Music helps you express!

I love Victor Hugo’s quote: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Many cannot express emotions succinctly as most do. Music as an art helps them describe emotions well. There are many certified music therapists who recommend their clients to learn a musical instrument or any form of vocal music as part of the treatment plans.

Learning how to play various musical notes helps keep the brain active and helps a great deal in healing a traumatized mind. Clients have been known to show a large difference in their demeanour, body language and social skills too. It helps the most non-expressive people (who are unable to verbalize their feelings) to express themselves well. Some have taken to journaling as well. Hans Christian Anderson sums it up well: “Where words fail, music speaks.”

5. Sleep well with music

If you are someone with sleep issues, music is the best cure. Listening to some amazing meditation music at bedtime will help you snooze into deep sleep. Music improves sleep quality too. Research even found out that music reduced the time taken to fall asleep vis a vis a normal bedtime routine. So, browse some great music online. Ancient Tibetan sound healing is yet another popular therapy recommended for insomniacs. It is a combination of playing various ancient instruments producing varied sounds and music, inducing people to sleep deep and peacefully.

A word of caution by therapists is not to listen to music on headphones/earbuds while sleeping as it can affect the ear canals. Instead, you can find a convenient spot in your room to place the music system and adjust volume settings to a minimum. It must be ambient and low just for your ears to tune in and not disrupt the sleep rhythms. The music must be ideally neutral/positive like meditation music. Avoid loud songs at bedtime lest the purpose to sleep gets defeated.

6. Healthy Me!

There are myriad health benefits as well. Music improves blood flow, and balances hormones well. It is known to reduce stress levels considerably and helps in managing pain as well. Workouts have the best results when music is playing in the background. It helps pump in adrenalin and boosts performance during a workout session. Apart from physical wellness, fitness levels, it also boosts mental and emotional wellness. Moods get alleviated listening to good music and ensures a healthier you!

7. Brain stimulator

Music has the capacity to stimulate all the areas of the brain viz., memory, emotions, learning, cognitive functioning, and many more functions.

Enjoy your Sundays. Listen to your favorite songs, relax and let the music set you free.

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