Go quirky on your Birthday

Birthdays are days when we stay up till midnight, wait for the clock to strike 12, cut the cake, and burst the confetti! Friends troop in, ringing the bell and screaming “Surpriseee”! No better way to kickstart the birthday. Isn’t it?

How many of you have gone through this? Being lifted by friends and swung in the air the same number of times as your age and an extra swing and crash on the floor for the next birthday? Those infamous birthday bumps are still memorable as much as our bums got sore after being dumped on the ground. Sweetest memories are those doing the same for all friends as well.

Quirky traditions are followed in different countries. Historically they say, it was the Egyptians who began the birthday celebration while crowning Pharaohs. Greeks believed in celebrating birthdays because it brought one closer to the spirits who were present at the time of our birth. Even the pagans believed in being close to the spirit world by celebrating the day of one’s birth.

Pop a bottle, Toast to new memories

Thanks to the pandemic, the last two years, all birthday plans were awash! Finally, people are coming out and celebrating again. Back then, it was hard sitting at home and having virtual celebrations with our best friend – the screen! Now no more excuses for not celebrating thanks to the vaccine.

As we age, many of us stop wanting to celebrate birthdays. We often whine about turning a year older and sulk too. Well, birthdays must be a time to feel good, pop up a champagne bottle, toast to a long life, and perhaps go on a roller coaster as well! Just don your best clothes, dress up, go shopping, climb a mountain…the possibilities are endless! 

Create memorable moments that you will cherish all your life so that people can write on your epitaph: XYZ had a rocking life! Life is to live in the moment.

I have seen people write countdowns on their social media profiles a month before the DAY. It gives a feeling of anticipation, butterflies in the tummy, excitement, and endless memories! Best friends will keep reminding you about “the day” and plan to demand treats from you. Families will plan surprises (some open too!). 

Some make bucket lists of what to do on their special day. Each one has its plans. Make yours, if you haven’t! 

1. Get yourself Ink-ed

Get a tattoo with inspirational words/art. It is fun when you are crossing a milestone.

2. Ramp show at home

Plan a house party with your gang. Dig up your wardrobe. Wear what you haven’t worn. Turn on the music and walk the ramp in style! Ask your friends to do the same. 

3. Take off on the adventure route 

If you are the outdoor type, go hitchhiking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and more. Give it a shot if you believe in “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara” (life only happens once!).

4. Plan a fun trip with buddies

Choose an off-tourist spot (not off the maps, okay!) with friends. Nothing better than a little adventure!

5. Book a ticket for a music concert/play

This is if you know a lovely place for a live gig, go for it or an actual concert. Else treat yourself to a nice play in town. If you don’t have either option, create a mini-concert at home. Ramp up some speakers and play songs by your favourite artists and sing along at home with your friends.

6. Pamper yourself in a spa; get a makeover

Nothing better than getting a makeover – a good haircut/a new look altogether, and a good body massage. Treat yourself to a day there.  

7. Go clubbing

Friends, good food, spirits, and your favourite club – all you need for a good birthday nite!

8. Retail therapy; gift yourself something nice

Spend some time with yourself, shop for an exciting birthday outfit, and get yourself a good perfume/accessories. Tadaaa…you are ready!

9. Theme birthday & dance party

Some of you may want some novelty. Choose a crazy theme and dress code for the party. Invite friends and dance away!

10. Yes, Blow the candle

Ask for the craziest wish, make the weirdest toast, and pole vault and dance (literally!) into a new milestone!

So, what are you waiting for? As they say – Smile as long as you have teeth, Celebrate until your last breath! It’s your birthday. So crash and wham-bam into a new year!

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