The Bawdy Billow

The woods are getting darker
Betrayed by the mother sea
And thrown away by herself
The lone ripple, lonely at the top.

Loneliness is a dangerous emotion
Disconnected from near and dear
Find solace in one's own company
That's heartbroken, aggrieved.

While playing on the shore
Out of stupidness,
Hurt a feeble, wounded seagull,
By sprinkling sand and water.
Caught redhanded,
Mother dear warranted,
ordered punishment.

The strong current threw away,
The abandoned wave was far off.
Now in a state of delirium,
Away From the safety net of mother
Maniac, equidistant, seized,
In the middle of gloominess,
Heedless which way to go.

The sky darkened, the dark was punctured,
By the slow rising glow of stars.
She's still in the air,
Not found a way back home
The wind slushing through the shore,
In search for the lost ripple'
"As the earth is round, she'll come back to you"
Wind consoled the panicked mom.

The moon is playing hide and seek.
Bewildered in the darkness
Lullaby of mother sea inaudible
She screams, she moans
No one reciprocates.

Up in the dark clouds
A lightening perceive the wailing sound,
And appealed rain God,
Threads of raindrops, a shower of silver rain
Like a multicoloured swing.

Slowly approached the Little one.
Delighted, she grabbed the cascade,
Heard the sounds of water lapping
Saw the reflection of light in rippling water
The shore is bathed in golden moonlight.

Astonished, relieved,
she starts laughing,
Spreading pearls of water droplets
That reaches the glimmering hands of the crying mom.
She slapped her, she kissed her
All at the same time
The settled baby giggled.

'Do you want to punish me?'
The pelagic mom embraced her,
"I am your mother
Mothers' love is not for winning
Don't play any more pranks."
A glowing tear or two,
Rolled out of the eyes and shone.
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