Touch Me Nots

We are all touch-me-nots sometimes. We don’t want to deal with the world and just want to not get up from the comfort of our bed. We feel overwhelmed and lazy, yet guilty for feeling so at the same time.

This Pandemic has brought along with it a lot of changes in terms of how we think, act, and process certain things in life. The simplest of tasks seem heavy duty and the most difficult at times, simple.

We feel hot and cold at the same time, lazy and active together, overloaded with work along with so much free time to cook! We feel a lot of things together!

WFH or Work-from-home was always a dream and when it came true, not many enjoyed it. On the contrary, not many want to go back to a proper nine to five job now. Things have changed for sure, people, their way of thinking, work have changed, home chores have changed, priorities, challenges, lifestyle, travel, everything has undergone a change.

Some have lost weight, gained weight, learned a new skill, unlearnt something, watched movies, reviewed them, traveled, become couch potatoes, and what not! Some have become touch-me-nots.

This is about those touch-me-nots. It’s alright to feel different. This is definitely a phase of change and evolution. All we need to do is stay calm, go with the flow and let time decide. We do not have to overburden ourselves with work, rather, take time out for self-love, write a book, write a poem, make a soulful meal, read a book, take a hot shower, take a small trip, meet a few people might just help. Of course, it is easy to say, but just allowing ourselves to give back to nature and build a better understanding of who we are will really help.

Many people lost their jobs and are really stressed. Many people had babies and are really happy. Let’s step forward and take charge of how we feel because at the end of it all, what really matters is how we feel about ourselves. Staying positive, feeling good, thinking good thoughts, attracting positive vibes, all make a difference. The universe has its own way of giving back. Let’s make sure what we get from nature is what we want!

So, wiggle a little, sing a song, tap those feet, it’s time to get out of the nutshell. Life is not to withdraw ourselves from everything. It’s about enjoying and partaking in the most precious moments which are in each minute that passes by. No more dwelling on any sort of guilt. No more narrowing down of thoughts. No more overwhelming responses to nature. No more saying NO. No more building a wall around ourselves. No more of being touch-me-nots. It’s time to break those chains and fly like a butterfly. Beautiful, elegant, healthy, vibrant, energetic, wholesome.

This Pandemic sure has taken a lot with it but it’s time to get back to business. It’s time to be better than how we were before the Pandemic! It’s just time to un-become touch-me-nots.

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