The Selfie Selfish Generation

Well, I am part of this generation where phones are smarter than people and no one cares! I don’t mind being a part of this era, but what bothers me is how selfishness has taken a toll on young minds.

Honestly, I believe that my values determine my worth! Therefore, it is a big deal for me to hold onto those small things that perhaps youngsters today may simply close their eyes to. As a Literature graduate, I learned in my class that morals and values build us as humans, and disregarding them for whatever reason would be utter suicide!

Already we have reached a saturation point where no one has the time for anyone. Everyone is too busy making online friends that they are losing out on real friends and family! I am witnessing that everyone is too busy making a wall around themselves that kind of is like an entrapment of virtually connected human beings who give no heed to whatever happens to someone else! Values today have come down to simply writing about them on blogs and Facebook timelines!

Talking of today’s value systems, from the language the young minds are exposed to, to the kind of novels and movies that are released, everything has advanced for the worse. Storylines are more violent and “to the face” and literature has lost its serenity. Vulgarity is misinterpreted as “open-minded” and families are looked upon as “burden”. The Church has become the weekend destination and the workplace, the Holy sanctuary! No one likes the idea of commitment and the importance of holding on. In fact, there is no “holding on” business at all these days. All of us are too busy running the race. Little do we realize that the race is a never-ending one and that we need to take a pause somewhere, sometime, or else we might just go out of breath!

Not only talking of all those endless joys that we kind of miss out on today, not about those family dinners, not those sandcastles we built back then, not those silly tea parties that happened in the late evenings; I am talking of those small things that we don’t value today! Those small expressions of love and gratitude, those honest hugs we gave our friends, those real birthday wishes, and those impeccable hides and seek games; we are missing out on a lot more than we could ever imagine!

We are a generation where the mother has no time for the child and the smartphone babysits a child; a generation where the father is equivalent to an ATM card; a generation where friends are no more a source of trust and love; a generation where love is lost more than found; a generation where the value of goods go up but not ours!

We are a generation that can make a difference, unfortunately, we are just not bothered. Well, let us be! It’s what we are here for. We must make sure we live according to our morale and believe that it is the only way to lead a generation that may be even worse!

One thought on “The Selfie Selfish Generation

  1. woww Aakanksha!! Its brilliant…It is so true we have become a Selfie selfish generation! Hoping we become the change for our progeny ❤

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