Step Up & Inspire

Listen to this Blog Post : Step Up & Inspire. 

‘Step Up & Inspire’, that’s my purpose. It sure sounds simple, nevertheless a tad bit complicated. Growing up in southwestern coastal state of India during the 80’s and 90’s there were not many icons or personalities to look up to. Like me, most lived with families, some large and some ‘nuclear’ with loving and annoying siblings, cousins, or relatives. So who did we look up to ! By default, our family, extended families, family friends, our school, the teachers and the staff and most definitely our friends. They influenced and shaped us to be better or worse, even without our knowledge. We look up to someone in this circle and one among them will in turn become our ‘role model,’ who will mould us to become someone they want us to be, rather than what we want. The fact of the situation is we never knew what we were capable of. Some among us, still live another person’s vision of us not knowing what we are really meant to do or be. 

This is the reality for most of us in this world. We are better off on our own and the more we let someone else decide our path, the more we let our ‘self’ fade away. Over the last fifteen years I have come across some amazing individuals who have carved their own destiny. It may not have happened as and when they wished, yet they made it happen and they want to share their amazing stories and here at ‘Art Of How To’ we will be bringing you those breathtaking tales of persistence, dedication and determination. With each story we will be presenting to you one of those extraordinary lives and hope to inspire and help take charge of one’s life. 

Let’s make sure we figure out who we are, what we are meant to be and where our path leads us. Let each one of us find our own path and make sure no matter what happens, win or lose, succeed or fail, we will always get up and march on and get going. 

Here are some of the amazing stories from real life people, who made it even when everyone around them broke them, even through the difficult of difficult times they picked up the pieces and work towards their goal. They paved a path for themselves. They are the unbreakable, role models for young and all. Let’s get inspired to step up in our lives.

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