Know Who I Am

Place your hand in mine;
Let me look a little deeper,
Let me caress your worries away,
Let me kindle your heart with joy,
Let me soothe your pain and
Wipe your tears away…
For I have been watching over you.

All the years you have been swaying away;
In the storm and in the rain,
In the light and in the darkness;
In times of grief and happiness:
In times of hope and despair;
Trust me, for I am willing
To grant you the bliss of being you:
Wholly, completely, explicitly;
Exactly how you have been destined to be…

So hold my hand and come close,
Hold on to the strong rope of faith and
Hang in there and never lose hope, for
You are destined to be who you are -
Today, tomorrow and forever as time shall see
Your beauty on the land and your essence in the air:
For I am who is willing to grant you
An eternity of selfless YOU!

Now you can decide who I am –
Yourself, God or simply faith…
For such faith in yourself, God and the world
Will take you places, where the grass is green all over!
It will land you on the surface of the moon
And let you experience the heat of the sun
In the calm and peace of your home!

You will finally be able to breathe in the fresh air
And pack all that you inhale in your lungs,
Longing to go back to the wilderness that
Once took you away from the Me who is talking to you…
Well, hold on strong, tight and just right
And I shall do the rest…
For I let you decide who I am -
A talking parrot, alien or perhaps a religious book:
Acknowledging the deeper depths of who you are
And who you are born to be…

Don’t be fooled by Godmen pretending to know me;
Don’t be marred by the ego of selfish humans;
Don’t be carried away in the hurricane of busy workers:
Just know that divinity and serenity go hand in hand –
Often misplaced by one another:
Finding each other at the end of the cliff,
As you allow yourself to succumb to
The height you fear so much!

Well, I am nothing but the spirit within you,
Whispering the truth that man does not want
To hear or see but cannot escape from…
So, my lad, smile and make merry for I am her
Talking to you – you just got to listen!

Aakanksha Dinah, a passionate writer, orator, communicator focused on establishing a Training institution centered on creativity and innovation. Aakanksha is a true believer in loving the work we do and strongly believes in smart-work, the reason why creativity works better for her. Aakanksha is enormously focused on making a career in professional writing and publishing. She loves writing poems, self-help articles, and essays. An enthusiast when it comes to learning languages and in short, Aakanksha is a wanderer, an explorer, a mom, a dog-mom, a poet, a cook, a writer, and an influencer.

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