Zodiac And Food

Some accord food with nourishment, while for some, it means comfort! For some, it is only a means to stay alive, while some live only to eat! Food is an integral part of people’s lives. Every major tradition, festival, or celebration involves elaborate preparations and brilliant presentations of extraordinary, mostly traditionally-prepared cuisines. In a particular context, too, food carries different meanings. One may be moved by its taste while another by its presentation and creativity. While the importance and relevance of food vary from person to person, it largely depends on personal choices, cultural backgrounds, and beliefs.

Today, let us take a different approach and explore a quirky angle to how your ZODIAC may dictate or affect your food choices!

Aries, being a fire sign, is high in energy and drive. Going by their instincts, they typically like hot and spicy foods. Being too impatient, they dislike anything involving detailed recipes, long-drawn preparations, and procedures and instead, go for easy-to-prepare and eat-on-the-go foods. One pot-one shot items, ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat packaged food, energy bars, etc, are their favorites. They don’t like too sweet or overly rich foods that may slow them down. With all the heat and spice, their digestive systems go for a toss and may need some good wholesome foods to balance things out.

The junk they like: Bold flavours and spicy foods. Something like buffalo wings or hot and spicy chips like Cheetos!

They shall benefit from Whole grains, raw fruits, and vegetables—fibrous foods like oats, carrots, and bananas.

As an earth sign, Taurus likes everything reminiscent of mother earth – earthy flavours, comfort, and cozy. While they dislike spicy or over-the-top indulgent meals, they occasionally appreciate their steaks and pastries. Sometimes, they may also have a sweet tooth and enjoy desserts such as chocolate waffles, cakes, or pastries. However, they majorly stick to simple and hearty meals that don’t wreak havoc with their gut. They love their food, have a good appetite, and appreciate food cooked the ‘good old way.’

The junk they like: Comfort foods like classic burgers and fries, an occasional chocolate dessert.

What they shall benefit from Root vegetables, whole grains, raw veggies and smoothies, herbal teas

Geminis, being the air sign, don’t like a specific type for long. They love variety, and their curiosity pushes them to try every cuisine. Even an unusual combination of foods catches their fancy. Talk about Tea-flavoured popcorn, and a Gemini may be game to try it! They love snacking all day and need special reminders to curb their habit. They may be happier trying smaller meal portions than large-buffet meals that put them to sleep. Too impatient for decadent or full-course dinners, they generally prefer on-the-go items that are filling, nutritious, and light.

The junk they like: Street food, fast foods, and different snacks from different cuisines. Chips, momos, candies, popcorn…. the list is endless!

They shall benefit from foods that boost their mental energy—fish and nuts with omega-3, legumes, fresh fruits, etc.

Cancer is a sign of emotions – a water sign. It yearns for the comfort of home. Anything that is home-cooked gets them nostalgic. Something that has balanced flavours and blended in with love is their choice. Nothing too over the top, not too spicy, sweet, or much of anything. They also like foods that lift their spirits. Being an emotional sign, they get their blues quickly and need something to keep them away. Hot soups, stews, chocolate, herbal teas, etc., are their best bet. Foods cooked the traditional way are an instant hit with them. Very vulnerable to comfort foods and alcohol, they must guard against addiction.

The junk they like: Comfort foods with lots of cheese. Pizza. Deep fried foods. A never-ending love for desserts.

They shall benefit from Herbal teas, dark chocolate, nuts, and beans. Feel good foods like bananas.

Leo, being a fire sign, is all about creativity and presentation. They love anything that is presented well and speaks of richness. They like their food to be bright and visually appealing. A well-set plate with teeny-weeny bits of decorative details will instantly increase their liking for the food. Also, it must not be bland. It has to have a definite taste – sweet, bitter, savory, pungent… not in-between. Similar to their other fire-sign counterparts, they have a liking for spicy foods. And true to their nature, their food must be rich, elite, unique, and extraordinary. There is no wonder that they enjoy extravagant buffets, luxurious high-end gourmets, and chocolates.

The junk they like: Fast food. Rich foods. Sweet and rich foods like desserts. An occasional burger or hot dog.

What they shall benefit from Balanced foods. Raw salads and leafy greens.

Virgo is an earth sign and likes organization. So, if you are to plate your food for a Virgo, ensure it looks neat and clean. Any haphazard arrangement is going to turn them off. Don’t let your bread get soggy, or your soup run into other food on the plate if you feed a Virgo. Virgos also often suffer from digestion issues and therefore prefer foods that are not too unhealthy. Too hot, too spicy, or deep-fried are off their plates. Desserts and chocolates, somehow, are an exception to this rule! They mostly go for cleaner, healthier, balanced (if possible, organic), and nutrient-rich foods that help their mind and body. Given their particularity, they might even have a designated grocer/shop from where they prefer their food be sourced! Something that calms their constant mental clamor, like green tea, hibiscus tea, or brews, is a great choice. At times, dark chocolate and comfort foods also find a way onto their plates.

They like healthier junk like sandwiches, veggie wraps, baked chips, or popcorn.

What they shall benefit from Fermented foods, salads, high-protein-high-fiber diet is best for a constantly worried Virgo.

Libra is an air sign; they love balance in everything. They love striking a balance between the material and the spiritual world. They love beauty as much as they love the taste of food. They love the color and presentation as much as they love the detailing of presentation and taste. You better stick to the recipe if you want to impress the libra. Ensure it looks visually appealing, aesthetically arranged, and tastes like a million bucks. Too heavy, rich, or overly spicy food is a strict no-no. A balanced mix of sweet and salty, or hot and sweet, works well for them. If you happen to cook something terrible, make sure you serve that in a social setting to a libra. Socializing will compensate for the sour taste, as Librans love dining together. Dinner dates with family and friends are their stress-busters.

The junk they like: sweet and salted biscuits, chili-ice-creams, or liqueur chocolates are all good with them.

What they shall benefit from: They already like balanced diets; present it well!

Scorpio, being a water sign, associates food with emotions. They like intense foods with dominating flavors. Talk spicy and intense flavors, and you will pique their interest. Bland and a hotch-potch of flavors are a strict no. The taste has to have depth and definition. It should be as mystical and complex as the scorpions themselves are. They like experimenting with foods and are always up to trying new flavors. But I won’t like them all. Very few items make it to their hit list. The food has to work hard to get to the ‘accepted’ list of Scorpions. It has to prove the hard work that went behind making it. And yes, they occasionally indulge themselves with gourmet foods and extravagant buffets. While they do appreciate others’ hard work at creating good taste, they do not like to spend so much time behind creating one themselves. When they cook, they want it done quickly. One-pot-one-shot cooking or ready-to-cook stuff is what they like. A sandwich or a wrap is as good as a complete meal if they cook.

The junk they like: Spicy chips, Sandwiches, and fritters are all favorites. 

What they shall benefit from Wholesome foods, fermented foods, and pro-biotic foods that aid proper digestion are suitable for the Scorpio. 

Like other fire signs, Sagittarius is always looking for fun and adventure. Nothing has to remain routine in their routine. So, they are quickly bored with any particular type of food. They like to explore new cuisines and new flavors. Exotic foods and new and different cuisines are their soul food. Food presented differently, cooked in a different style, or even a different combination is welcomed by a Sagittarian. Anything that is exploratory, hearty, and filling is their kind of food. They live to be active and attractive, so anything that makes them lazy or unattractive is instantly refused. Say bye-bye to greasy and extremely heavy foods. They like to stay healthy and active and are exploratory. This may cause them to get drawn to fad diets sometimes, but they are usually happy with lean proteins, salads, and whole grains. 

The junk they like: Anything that offers on-the-go convenience without adding too many calories is good for them. Sandwiches, wraps, or an occasional burger is good too.

What they shall benefit from A Mediterranean diet with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and one limiting red meat suits them well. 

Capricorn, being an earth sign, is convenient and grounded. Food for them is primarily only to satiate hunger. They do not have many qualms about food. They appreciate simple meals as much as a gourmet spread. But being their hard-working goat, they need a lot of stamina and bone health-aiding foods. Calcium-rich foods like dairy products and protein-rich foods like chicken and meat are essential for their diet. Too much spice doesn’t go well with the already-stressed Capricorn. Instead, something soothing and healing, like soups or herbal teas, helps them de-stress. Very prone to dehydrating themselves, they must pay special attention to keeping their water intake at an all-time high. Their workaholism and ambition leave very little room for them for busy and relaxed mealtimes. So, they prefer fast-food and convenient eating options.

The junk they like: Fast-food, burgers, fries, colas, and anything that can fill their tummies quickly. They don’t have time for long lunches. Working lunches and dinner meetings are their bet.

They shall benefit from Simple home-cooked meals that don’t take up too much time. One-pot meals or anything that is healthy and can be had quickly works well for them.

Aquarius, being an air sign, is very innovative and adventurous. This creativity rubs off on their food choices too. They enjoy exploring new cuisines, unusual combinations, and experimental cooking. Traditional meals and elaborate cooking are too dull for them. So, if they are cooking, you can expect them to create new dishes. Innovation and creativity mixed with mealtimes results in themed dinner parties or experimental eateries. If you got a prison-themed restaurant in your area, trust an aquarian to have come up with the idea! When not experimenting, they opt for healthy and light eating options. Different types of salads serve the purpose perfectly, and fast food may also be readily accepted at times. Their first choice is simple-vegetarian meals, but they may need help keeping their omega-3 and antioxidant supply up.

The junk they like: Fast food is OK. Baked veg chips are just as good. Popcorns and unusual fast-food combinations work well too. Chips-n-cheese sandwich, anyone?

What they shall benefit from: Fish and meat, if they allow themselves to have them, help them increase their omega-3 supply. A continental diet does wonders for them.

Pisces, being a water sign, revolves around emotions. They live by their intuition and creativity. This dictates their food choices too. Anything nourishing and nutritious is good for Pisces. Occasionally they may want to try something different and over the top, e.g., spicy or savory items. They like to experiment and pour their abundant love into their dishes when cooking. They cook with care and a lot of love. But this happens only when they are cooking for their loved ones or families. They seldom show that much love for themselves. They may cook a partial meal for themselves. 

Being emotional creatures, they occasionally need something to pull them out of their blues. Herbal teas and dark chocolate could do the trick. Desserts are also a good bet at this time. If they have a sweet tooth, your job gets more straightforward, and you can try soothing them with a doughnut or ice cream too. Usually not the one to make too much fuss about food, you can win them over with simple fast-food items too. 

The junk they like: Street food, fast food, chips, and fries are all good with them. 

What they shall benefit from Wholesome meals that keep their dopamine levels up is an absolute necessity for a Pisces. 

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based on science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.


Veena Gupta, a homemaker, doting mother, and a loving wife, who takes pride in a long-standing career in Banking and Finance. While her life took shape and as she was pursuing all this, something kept tugging her creativity. This pull lead her to decide to express her thoughts through writing. True to her name, her words flow from her pen to resonate with the reader’s mind like the soothing music that the musical instrument Veena creates! For someone who likes to experiment in life through adventure sports, trekking, and other varied interests, Veena likes to bring her experience, background and perspective to her readers through her simple yet effective writing to push the fact home!

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