I Am Fine

You know,
Good actions always give happiness 
Worst acts grant promising lessons 
The best person offers good memories.
Never search for happiness in others,
That'll make one alone and unaided.

Even when left isolated,
Search in thyself,
And feel comfortable.
Be thankful,
Acquiring talents and looks.
Be grateful,
Creating money and fame.
Be prudent,
Developing attitude and ego.

Life's not so hard to live,
Sit quietly, embrace that dream,
And never let it go.

All those twists and turns 
Are part of life, do not let anyone stop you,
Wipe out tears, looks towards the sunshine,
Shadows will fall behind.
Delight the little pleasure. 

When it comes to,
 If possible,
Spread it to others.
Happiness never subsides 
By being disseminated.

Give away the darkness from the past,
That blocks the light in the present 
And live in this moment of elation.

Whatever may happen,
Never blame anything 
In lieu,
Fix yourself in such a way 
That you'll always be subtle.

Contributing Writer & Poet, Art Of How To,
Retired Finance Officer, Kerala State Electricity Board, Daydreamer, Traveller, Freelance Writer, Home Chef, Mother & Wife. An over-thinker who finds solace in the cathartic effect of writing.

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