10 Creative Ways To Make Time For Kids

Making time for your kids can be challenging, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. However, making time for your kids is essential, as it helps to create a strong bond and lasting relationship. One way to creatively make time for your kids is to set aside a specific amount of hours each week, such as two evenings or one evening and the weekend. During this time, you can do activities together, such as cooking, playing board games, going for a walk in the park, or playing catch. You can also use this time to discuss any issues or questions your kids might have. Additionally, you can make time for your kids by scheduling short outings or events, such as going to the movies, visiting the aquarium, or attending kids’ theatre performances. These activities together will help create meaningful memories for you and your kids.

1. Prioritize

Make sure your children are a priority and that you are making time for them. Never let them think, even for a moment, that they are second to your other commitments. 

2. Get organized

Make a list of all the tasks and chores you need to do and set priorities. Give your kids activities enough importance as the ones that are very important to you. 

3. Cut out non-essential activities

Cut out activities and tasks that are unnecessary or not helping you achieve your long-term goals. Carve out time for your little ones. And keep it cell-free, meaning it is solely their time and theirs only.

4. Include Journaling

Schedule time for your children by writing it into your planner or calendar. Do homework with them, go camping, Teach them a sport or an instrument or learn together. Whatever it is, do it together.

5. Time-Out

Take breaks throughout the day to spend quality time with your children. The best time to do this is in the evening. After a long day at the office and after the kids are done with school, you all wash up, join at the family table, hash out their homework, and then get some quality time with your family. Make sure you and your spouse make time for each other too. (topic for another article!).

6. Make time for what matters

Don't waste time on activities that don't bring joy or value to your life. For example, I can play chess, but I don’t fancy being a master at it. I would rather play cricket. Guess what? I intend to teach my nephews and nieces the game. Be it fishing, camping, barbecuing, or trekking, I will cheer them on as my brothers and sisters, who are great parents, give their kids great memories and ones they will treasure for eternity.

7. Don’t over-schedule

Make enough time to rest for yourself and your children. Over-Schedule is a killer. Killer of energy and fun. Do not commit to something if it clashes with your already planned goals. But, of course, emergencies do happen, and those are exceptions. Otherwise, try to maintain the schedule as much as possible. Consistency works well in building strong relationships in families amoung each other. 

8. Delegate tasks

Let others help with tasks that don't require your attention. 

9. Make time for yourself

Make sure you recharge and take care of yourself. Do what you have to do. Find, create and do everything you have planned for yourself. The day ahead will be easier to drive if your scheduled goals are accomplished. 

10. Be present

When you are with your children, be present and engaged. Together is the key. However, together means one must be present and involved. For example, cook together, and also eat together, do chores together, exercise together, play and read together, do art and craft together, and study and do homework together. Being present is being there for the other person and doing something together. Kids love being included and involved. They love to be part of anything their parents are part of. So include them and cherish the times and moments together. They don't last forever.

As a parent, there should never be anything more important to you than your child or children. As we all know, children grow up loving their parents or wanting to be nothing like them. If they take the first point and we have yet to teach them that family is more important than work, friends, or other tasks. Then they will need to learn how to prioritize them. However, if we make the correct distinction as they grow up, let’s say you have done a mighty good deed! I have a few friends who live in other countries, or as we lovingly say, “abroad.” And they have adopted this principle with their kids. It is interesting to see how well their kids are doing in school and other areas of life. I believe this is directly because of the firm, reassuring and loving environment my friends have made for their kids.


Augustus Manohar Stanley is now serving his life’s calling as a full-time Educator and works in Karnataka. He loves creating short academic videos and is also a music enthusiast.

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