Do Not For

Do not for,
     Seeking and asking 
     I am a donor, believe in yourself 
     When we give away 
     Happy and peaceful is the mind.

Do not for,
     Craving so much 
     We get what we desire, at times 
     We don't, at other times.
     If everyone is standing 
    On the side of fancy 
    Oh, who will give??

Do not for,
     Begging and looking 
    If we don't reap what we ought 
    Companions are anger, hurt, and uncertainty.

Do not for,
     Wishing the limitless,
     The shift from wanting to granting 
      On the side of needs 
      Happiness is never guaranteed.

Do not for,
     The phase of criticism,
     When we denounce 
     We want people the way 
     We believe is right.

Do not for,
     The way of comparison 
      When we collate 
     We ought to be like them 
      The veritable perishes.

Do not for,
     Mingling person 
     Who gave, distress, guilt, and anger 
     No to, energy vampires 
     Ever tidy up the mind to pull out 
     The stain of bitterness.

Do not for,
   Alluring irrelevant chatter.
  Life is so sweet,
 Learn the art of giving away 
  Comprehend easier life choices.
    By adding value to others 
    Practice giving, instead of taking.
 When one gives, one gain 
When one grabs, one loses 
All givers are happy 
All takers are tormented.

     Be a giver,
     Achieve the very purpose of life 
     The infinite euphoria…
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