What is it about sunsets?
Is it the beaming rays of hope;
Or the door to what is done and dusted?
Is it the dawning of a new day,
Or the history of yesterday?
Is it the beginning or the 
End to a chapter perhaps unfinished, or
A synopsis of what, who, how and when:
Perhaps the preface to what the future holds?

Is it the colour, light, ray of magnificence?
Or the horror, power and reminiscence of a finished hour? 
Do all the sunsets have the same story to tell?
Maybe a different tale each time it bids farewell!
Sunsets are orange, beautiful and whole. 

Before the moon and the stars take up their places,
This orange hue lights up the world,
Reminding it of the 'in-betweens' - 
The grey spots, the time that very few remember! 
Sunsets are wonderful - going away only to come back…
Stories of consistency, miracles and new joy. 
As the beams shine through leaves and waters - 
Sunsets are deep, meaningful and historic;
Yes, each time, every time! 
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