It's winter again,
It's dark, darkness everywhere 
A whirl of thoughts wrapped me,
My illusionary thoughts.
      Who'd help to take me out of this darkness?

        It's midnight now 
        Like water drifting through my fingers 
        Sleep also drained from my eyes.
Peeping through the window 
The sky bears no stars 
Even the stars are sleeping 
The whole world is sleeping.

       Taking pills is still not a cure 
      The God of sleeping away, far far away 
       Times may keep getting harder.
I want someone to converse with,
At this odd hour?

Everyone is in deep sleep,
Check my mails,
The inner me ridiculed 
Who's there to send mails?
Check messages,
Again heckling,
The message box was empty.
        Can't call a friend, 
         Can't relate a neighbour,
         Now thinking of lazy days.
The sun may shine beautifully 
Sharing it's heat and light.

I just want to scream 
Kick someone or jump 
Singing songs, skipping down the street,
Saying hello to a friend.

       The night grew darker,
       It blew through my window pane 
       It was cold and cold 
       Remind me of winter 
       Yes, winter at my door step.

Time to shed my inner covering, 
Shedding my egoes,
Holding life in hand,
Woven around a mystical winding.
       Oh, winter, I welcome you,
        It's next to me.
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