Bosses By Zodiac

Some people are born leaders, and some discover Leadership along the way. Few others equate Leadership with being Bossy. It is a massive misconception if you ask me. Leaders are interested in the progress of everyone connected to them, while a boss is interested in only their own advancement. A leader inspires, while a boss may merely manipulate. 

There may be some who possess both traits and might be successful as well as popular. Some of these qualities may be inborn and some acquired. While the Zodiac may dictate some, you are born under!

So, if you are not your own boss and are required to work under someone to earn your livelihood, a little help from Astrology to understand your boss may not hurt!

Here are some traits that bosses under various Zodiac possess


Traits as a Boss: Appreciate and reward loyalty, Fair, Egotistical at times, Open and Approachable, Commanding.

Dominant by nature, they are natural bosses. They like to give orders but are also respectful and appreciative. Loyalty is one trait that will woo Leo boss. They are creative leaders and know to keep themselves in the limelight. Yet, they always strive for quality work-wise. Trustworthy and suave. Style and Leadership are what you can learn from them.


Traits as a boss: Unpredictable, Relentless, Dynamic, Self-absorbed, and Blunt at times Aries is fearless and fiery and doesn’t think twice before starting a new venture or trying a new idea.

Impatience and adventure are their second name. They are natural leaders and dynamic, sometimes oblivious to what’s happening around them. As bosses, they are full of energy, direction, and vision and expect the same zealousness from all of their employees – which may look a little harsh on them. But, if you believe in hard work and have an Aries boss, you are going PLACES!


Traits as a Boss: Individualistic, Inspiring, fiery, Dynamic, Nonconformist, sometimes Arrogant, but usually Approachable.

They are always appreciative of innovative ideas. Always on the lookout for creative and experimental thinking. They are fun to work with and can keep you engaged with their fun quotient and energy. Sometimes you may feel you don’t have a boss as they are doing their own thing, utterly oblivious to consensus. Very optimistic and therefore liked by employees. 


Traits as a Boss: Dominating, Meticulous, Focused, Unforgiving, Cunning, and Shrewd.

They believe they were made to lead. And as they say, ‘You are what you think.’ So, they will lead irrespective of being given the authority or not. They assume control and lead. It also means taking ownership and leading when no one else is doing it – that’s called Initiative. They are intuitive and determined to achieve success but can be inflexible and unforgiving to whoever dares to express dissent with their ways.


Traits as a Boss: Demanding, Determined, Hardworking, Practical, Serious, Well dressed, and Suave.

The most practical of all, they are rooted in reality. Extremely hardworking and expect the utmost seriousness from their employees. They can easily handle crises without breaking down and tide through the worst. So, if you work for a Capricorn boss, know that your bread and butter is safe with them. Care only never to show them down, question their authority, or outshine them in any manner. They can get punitive and insensitive if rubbed the wrong way.


Traits as a Boss: Clever, Innovative, Impatient, Unpredictable, and Non-conformist.

Quick-thinking and quick-acting is their mantra. They will need help understanding what took you so long to execute a great idea. This may sometimes push them to act and achieve an idea/project without giving you any consideration… because they cannot wait to see the results! It takes extreme emotional maturity and endurance to keep up with the forever unpredictable and elusive Aquarius boss.


Traits as a Boss: Emotional, Empathetic, Ostensibly easy-going, Intuitive, and a Time-keeper.

Cancerian bosses will understand and sympathise with you when your child is sick, or your mother is unwell. But remember not to take them for granted. They work with intuition and will instantly know when you are lying. They look for seriousness and sincerity in your work. Armed with a sharp memory, they can easily recollect all your achievements and failures – you cannot take them for a ride. They value time and expect you to follow work timelines sincerely.


Traits as a Boss: Focused, Determined, Stubborn, Rigid, Reliable, Stable, and Righteous. A Taurus boss will never let you down.

If you work as per their expectations, they will ensure you find your livelihood and stability, thrive, and grow in your position. They are hardworking themselves and expect the same from their subordinates. They can be non-bossy but like to keep things honest, grounded, practical, and pragmatic. Hates melodramas and can easily see through them. Do your work as he wants it, and you are never a sore for them. Extremely patient, and it takes a lot to rile them up, and if you do, be prepared for ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE.


Traits as a Boss: Perfectionist, Stylish, Suave, Emotional, sometimes Cold, Sticklers for detailing, Value time and organization.

Virgo bosses are practical, realistic, and empathetic; however, they can get cold, rude, and unresponsive if they don’t like you. They strive for perfection in everything they do, which is what they look for in their employees. They appreciate beauty and style – so, as an employee, they consistently report to work well-dressed. Sticklers for organization, tidiness, timeliness, and detailing – they can reward you handsomely if you love these too.


Traits as a Boss: Empathetic, Relaxed, Emotional, Fluid, and Easy-going.

It is rare to find a Pisces boss because they cannot boss people around. They may get too empathetic and swayed away by their emotions to make any concrete decision. If you somehow work under a Piscean boss, you have the finest working conditions, an excellent work-life balance, and a non-manipulative boss. The problem, however, is business continuity and growth. They are too involved in people’s welfare to care about money, growth, and the future! Easily stressed and influenced, manipulators can destroy them and lose sight of the future.


Traits as a Boss: Charismatic, Charming, Polite and Gentle, Logical, Persuasive, Great Mediator, and fair.

Suave, intelligent, knowledgeable, and excellent at persuasion – that’s everything a boss must get his dissenting employees to agree with him. Never caught on the wrong foot, they weigh their options carefully in everything – what they speak, what they do, what they choose. Extremely calculative, you cannot take them for a ride – although they secretly wish to be admired and appreciated. So if you are an employee of a Libra boss, do your work sincerely, bring your arguments with proof, and drop in a compliment for your boss once in a while.


Traits as a Boss: Adaptable, Approachable, Lively, Fun and Charming, Logical, and Team-player.

Gemini is going to be the most fun boss around. Lively and adventure-seeking. This also means they can get unstable and lost, which could cost the business dearly. They can quickly jump ship to keep up with their need to be free. As an employee, you may struggle with the unpredictability of the Gemini boss. They don’t like to boss anyone and are generally laid-back and relaxed. It is suitable for an employee, especially with business stability, except when things get serious.

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