What In The Name Of LOVE

It’s a different morning today – colder than usual. I like it. It is a welcome change from how the climate has been playing for a while, and a little drop in temperatures has been something I have been looking forward to.

I peek out the window and am delighted to see a tiny film of haze clouding my view, and a few dew drops roll down my window pane. I feel elated. I can see the light hazy mist far in the open. I sigh with relief and am ready to start my day with a spring in my step. I am happy the day will not sap me of all my hydration due to excessive heat, as was the case for a few weeks.

I help myself to a cup of tea and sit beside my window to enjoy my cup and the morning newspaper. This is the time of the day I love the most. I am an early riser; everyone is still in bed, and the house is quiet, allowing me to tune into the sounds of nature, the birds chirping, and the swish-swoosh of the leaves swaying to the wind like a dance that is free of Care!

I look at the newspaper, go through a few pages, and stop at one. My heart starts to beat faster, and my eyes are consuming every piece written in this part. My ears have suddenly stopped listening to the sounds I love most, and I am somehow recreating the scene in my head that is described in this news piece. I am suddenly beginning to feel rage. Not anger, but RAGE!

I am looking at the news of one Shraddha Walker – a 26-year-old woman killed by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawalla. This is not a typical case of murder. It is gruesome, heartless, and devoid of any humanity. Yet, ultimately, this Man, who is all of 28 years old, has the guts, audacity, and bestiality to kill his partner, chop her body into pieces, keep it refrigerated in the same house for over four months, look at it every day and meticulously dispose of her parts little by little each day in the dead of the night! 

What is more enraging is that this woman had fought with her entire family, leaving her home and parents behind to be with this Man. She fought for her love and a future she thought was her ‘happily ever after.’ She fought with her family, who disapproved of her relationship and walked away, saying, ‘You may think your daughter is dead.’ And all this while she was already suffering abuse at his hands and writing to her boss that she was too bruised and beaten up to report to work. She was already writing to the cops that she suspected he would kill her one day and chop her off to pieces!

The guy kills his live-in and in-love partner because she wants to marry him, and he had probably fallen out of love and was already looking for his new dose of adrenalin rush. He was high on drugs, drinking, dating, and cheating. Let alone being remorseful or guilt-ridden for his barbaric act, he prides himself in being inspired by the OTT series ‘DEXTER.’

The dew drops rolling down the window pane till some time ago are now rolling down my cheeks…

I am wondering – WHAT, in the name of LOVE? 

She probably only wanted marriage and commitment—a social validation for her bold choice of HIM over everything else. To fulfill his promises while pursuing her promises to be faithful and loyal in good times and bad, in sickness and health – till death did them apart!

That did not happen. But what was she thinking? She did have rough episodes where she woke up from her dreams to a harsh and rude reality. She knew something was coming. Something was not as ‘fairy-tale as she would have loved to believe. Then WHY DIDN’T SHE LEAVE?

Love makes you blind, they say – I agree – Been there, done that. It makes your world go round, puts you head over heels, turns you into a Selenophile, blah blah… yes, but why didn’t she realize when the love ended, when things went downhill? Why did an independent woman like her continue an abusive relationship even though she wasn’t married, had no kids, and had no strings attached? And not just her… So many women are subjected to so much lovelessness, carelessness, violence, and brutality, yet we hold onto it. Women are Killed for Wanting to Marry; Not wanting to Marry; Killed over an Argument; Killed for wanting to move on; Killed because there was too much salt in the food! 

And it does not matter if you are dependent, illiterate, or challenging physical condition, independent women, highly educated and successful women, accomplished celebrities, and financially independent, It happens to all.

The question is, What are we doing wrong? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we loving ourselves so little and looking for so much validation from people who have let us down? Why are so many women becoming Shraddha and Ankita and Vaishali Thakkar… What, in the name of love, are we accepting? 

Yes, love still makes the world go round, but I guess…we need to choose differently. Choose the right person to love. Choose ‘Yourself’ to love. “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” — Lucille Ball

Promise to love yourself First.

Rest In Peace, Shraddha!

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5 thoughts on “What In The Name Of LOVE

  1. Heart wrenching!! Truly what in the name of love was this!! 😦 Am still reeling ever since I read the news. Unimaginable what her family must be going through. I simply hope he is not ever released from jail in this lifetime. Our country will never give him death sentence. This is the least favour they could do by keeping him behind bars!

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