Dear Best Friend

Dear best friend…
You have been next to me for so long,
From day one of being what I was born to be;
A blank page; perhaps a lingering scent…

Dear best friend,
You have seen my scars, felt my pain:
Along with me, you stayed;
Caressed, cursed, loved and 
Whispered tales to me in the end. 

We have felt similar heartbreaks,
Heard the same lies,
Felt the same hurt,
Made the same sacrifices and blunders…
You have loved as deep as I have,
Cared as much as I have, and 
Healed as little as I have… 
You are as broken as I am!
For YOU are inside me…
My actual best friend;
My very own self, shadow, and reflection…

Dear best friend,
You have always been right;
And I have always ignored your signs.
I have always belittled your insights
While the Universe has you and I aligned. 

Dear best friend,
My inner self and harmony 
When everything else is on fire…
My first love, my last hope,
My intuition, my strength, my dear;
My pal for life, myself - so unique and dear! 

Dear best friend,
Thank you for being You.
For being all ears and eyes and
Everything else you have been.
Thank you for being my diary, journal, my 
slam book,
Thank you for inspiring me to 
Write poetry and cook! 
Thank you for helping me be the best of myself:
Thank you for being the ray of hope,
And the light in the darkness, a hand I can hold. 

Dear best friend,
I am sorry you were sometimes ignored,
Hated, shouted at, broken, and scarred. 
I am sorry at times. 
I didn't hold on,
For not moving on or letting go of that hurt. 

Dear best friend,
Let us start fresh, a new beginning indeed
Coz' you are the only one I need -
You are the only one with me
Till the end and beyond… 
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