Uketamo means “I humbly accept with an open heart.” Uketamo is a Japanese Wabi Sabi Philosophy to live by. The core of their ideology is the essence of acceptance to the core. It is a doctrine followed by the Yamabushi monks who dwell in Dewa Sanzan, a mountain range in northern Japan. They believe, the faster you accept all the good and bad life tosses at you, the lighter you will feel. 

Oh, God,
Grant me the wisdom
To accept the things I can not change,
Grant me the courage
To alter the things I can.

Oh God,
Grant me the insight
To know the difference between right and wrong
Grant me the perception to face challenges
That life throws at me
And accept all the good and bad things.
Grant me my freedom
To find the path to growing up
Which puts a stop to all suffering

Oh God,
Grant me the opportunity
To learn and expand from struggles
Grant me the sagacity to deal with
The inevitable realities of downfall
Grief, worry, and loneliness
Grant me the knowledge to abide
The imperfect flow of life
And find peace in 
What is right here in? 

Oh God,
Grant me the intuition to know
How weak I am when in greedy
How powerful and blessed  when in devotion
Grant me espionage, 
To give from the finite
Then to receive from the infinite.

Oh God,
Let me relax and go with the surge,
Let me stay calm, strong, and steady…
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