A Little Note

Send me a little note,
A little note of love.
A little word of prayer,
A wish that would last! 

A note of love can make 
Everything looks and feels like a piece of cake;
Send me a note that states,
How dear I am to you, mate! 

Let me be your fiction,
Or your daily dose of caffeine!
Let me be the muffin,
On a cold Sunday morning!

Write me a note that reads - 
"You are what any friend needs"...
One line of gratitude, appreciation, glee,
One line on our mischievous deeds! 

I am each one you left behind 
Running ahead in the rat race…
We are all guilty chasing life 
Leaving memories behind, letting them fade! 

I know we don't talk often,
Does that mean anything at all? 
Remember me in between clock hours,
Let time and pace heal what's between us! 

Send me a little note,
A little letter of love…
A fraction of a second, you allot
Could make me smile a lot! 

I'll send you a little note 
"I love you," I'd quote… 
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