The World Is Yours

Open your eyes and embrace
The sweet scent of an early morning.
Start your day with a vision so strong,
A passion that keeps you running. 

Empower your spirits, 
Stand strong, arms wide open;
Showcase your prowess, be vocal:
Make your move, take your step,
Keep your pace, you're still in the race…
It's you vs you: Your
Mission to take them by storm!

The world is a small place;
Your name engraved on each cloud
In the sands of time it's written:
Make your dream a vision for others;
The dream which to achieve, you were born. 

The world is a kaleidoscope
With dreams and visions so scattered.
Pick up small pieces and solve the maze,
Reach your goal, because that's what matters!
Hold your horses, face the storm:
Call them by name, stay strong;
You're about to witness great
Power, great perseverance, a great You,
Coz' the world indeed is Yours!

The world is yours, engrave your name
In the air that generations after you shall breathe. 
Stay awake, welcome the heat;
Sweat a little and feel the beat - 
Nothing shall deter your success or speed
Mysteries and miracles are all you need… 
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One thought on “The World Is Yours

  1. Moving, powerful and stirring! You should read it at a stand up poetry gathering – only you will be able to bring to it the gusto and conviction it deserves. I sense a hot mass of molten magma seething under your surface – it’s not a bad thing for an eruption to happen once in a while!

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