Magnificent India

As Incredible, colourful and inspiring India can be, the country is a boomerang of many amazing wonders, qualities and features! A nation so surreally beautiful with landscapes like the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the picturesque backwaters of Kerala, the magical natural beauty of Cherrapunjee and the absolutely awe-inspiring beaches; all add to what India is.

The country is a uniquely diverse place on earth with strong-rooted culture(s) and a rich heritage. It is the land of more than a billion people who live by their beliefs and customs. It is a melting pot of exquisite art forms, cuisines, legends and tales that sure will inspire generations after generations.

Indeed an amazing country to live in, India is certainly something for everyone. She is home to wonderful people, good music, the birthplace of many different cultures, and ofcourse who can miss the Bollywood, jaw-dropping dance forms, fabulous art and architecture, authentic and unique food and cuisine, and everything extraordinary!

On this patriotic occasion of the 75th Independence Day of India, here’s an ode, a reminder, a ballad for this land which is so wonderful, the motherland of billions, the land of Saffron, White and Green.

India is
A long stretch of land
Land of the mountains, 
Land of the desert,
Land of the beaches 
Land of the farmers;
India is a long stretch of land, 
Land that matters!
From scorching hot summers to 
Shivering hands in winters,
A cup of freshly brewed tea or 
A tall mug of coffee.
India is
An amalgam of thoughts, minds, souls and humans! 
Tales of rich heritage and bound cultures
Untold mysteries of wise people and their histories,
A land of love and symbols of it,
A collaboration of loud sounds, colours and stories! 
India is… 
Everything man can see
And beyond.
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