Connected The Right Way

Picture of Writer in a garden with headphones on her ears.

Human beings are social animals and thus it is our core requirement to be around people who mould us and support us. We are designed to be within a circle. A circle of family, friends, relatives, acquaintances – people in general. Yet, we the Millennials & Gen Y are a generation that dwells inside our smartphones and never bothers to give time to real-time people around us. Always looking for friends and counseling in the virtual world. A time has already come when family dinners are occasional and online “family groups” are active!

This lack of communication and face-to-face conversation is the major cause of unhappiness and other mind and emotional instability noticed in today’s generation. We are con-netted and not connected. This perhaps is the root cause of health hazards that are probably not too serious on the outside, (like it may seem for now), but are slowly but surely eating up the health and wellness of the current generation and the generations to come.

It is hard to put a finger on what exactly the problem with our generation is. There are many – from the rising number of suicides to the incessantly growing crime rates, there are many factors that need to be sorted.

Phones are getting smarter day by day but the ones who are using them outlandish, too relied upon, lazy, unstable in all ways, disinterested, unhappy, low, offended, aloof, indifferent, unfriendly, and unhealthy! Above all low attention span.

This rising issue is also taking away outdoor playtime of young children. Young kids are given ipads, video games, and mobile phones to pass time. This leads to obesity and other health issues. The situation is worse than we think. This is enough to destroy the wellness of future generations, making all the dysfunctions and the mental, physical, emotional, and psychological instability a part of genetics!

Allocating time off screens can go a long way in terms of health and wellness. Bringing back moments spent being physically present and among loved ones can aid in fighting major concerns like depression, anxiety, and fear of losing out!

The ever-increasing consumption of social media and aspirations to behave and live a lifestyle that is seen online is hazardous to health and for the overall contentment in life. 

Let us make sure we do not let this heat beat the future. Let us stand up and stay connected the right way… 

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