Spoilt For Choices

We are in a time where everything is abundant, everywhere. So much to choose from; so many options listed. Infinite possibilities and opportunities. It just makes the decision-making more complex.

From movies, series, documentaries, short films, and more on different OTT platforms sitting in the comfort of our homes, cuisines so varied from various online food delivery applications and restaurants just a click away, multiple social media apps to switch back and forth for entertainment: the list looks endless.

Isn’t it funny, inspiring, and at the same time amazing how we get exotic items from these new grocery and food delivery applications! From meat to mustard, vegetables to veg pakodas, fruits to fresh fish, varied kinds of cheese, chocolates, mixes, and sauces door delivered. Products we probably would not have gotten even from established supermarkets earlier are available, just a click away.

Everything is so effortlessly available. Everything has become accessible. Just a few clicks away! Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Sony Liv, Voot, what not! Not to mention how we get tired just by surfing these apps for what to watch!

This choice game we play has significantly and seriously affected how we as a generation perceive life and relationships. If we think on a deeper level, from relationships, career opportunities, education, even pass-time, vacation destinations, and more, today we have more options to choose from than it was earlier.

While being progressive are we losing the real essence and value of things and most importantly emotions? Are we bombarded with multiple options to choose from and being blinded by selfish actions most often unnoticed? Are we given the luxury of selecting and picking what we like, or are we made to believe that hopping from one choice to another is as effortless as switching channels while also sometimes letting go of quality?

It’s alright to go with the flow and be amid the progress we are making globally. However, we must never lose the essence of it all. The little things, the little emotions, that’s what we need to remember to pass on to the next generation.

Enjoy being spoilt for choices. Appreciate being able to enjoy a lifestyle loaded with luxury with the comfort of technology, science, and advancement, while maintaining humility and being humane, kind, and never forgetting the roots.

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