Who Are You

A glimpse in the movie 
Charmed me up 
Grown-ups hugging parents, 
Oh, lounging on their laps, 
Kissing in the cheeks. 
That's really wonderful, 
That's truly cheerful.

Love that's baffled, 
Hidden inside the heart, 
That was my mother, 
That had been my mother. 

Oh, how could I ever remember 
The hug of my mother, 
Oh, should I ever hug her? 
I couldn't remember ever. 

She was always busy, 
In the kitchen, courtyard, 
Chasing the pet animals, 
Running after the livestock. 

Wheels on her legs, 
A stick in her hand, 
The days wouldn't end, 
Without getting charged. 

Sometimes, an epitome of the goddess Kaali 
Occasionally the grumpy brat, 
But all the time a purveyor of 
Mouth watering delicacies. 

A burning fire inside 
She was always streaming 
To cope with the tramp of life 
Oh, at all times gushing. 

Abruptly, the race stops 
And she kept imploring, 
To the passersby, 
To the near and dear.
Who are you?? 
Oh tell me, dear, 
Who're you?? 

The darkness overpass 
Anamnesis into the eyes
She didn't see me 
Not recognised me at the fore. 

The canopy slowly replaced 
The ceaseless broiling desert 
Nagging fear creeped 
Oh, a bundle of worries heaped 
Now, the ego bawling, 
To cuddle her, whimpering her. 

Sitting behind the heavenly curtain 
She kept on asking 
Who're you??? 
I'm also incisive 
To find an answer...
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