Love Not Love No More

Everything was a lie!
All the promises, 
Future dreams and the couple's goals:
Oh! The fake smiles and 
Kisses were real! 
Everything was a high,
All daydreaming and blushing…
Oh, the loud shouts and 
The bruises were surreal!
Everything was not meant to be!
We imagined them to be.
What an irony! 
Why was everything not fine?
As it ages, it gets better,
Is that just for the wines?
Not for romantic lines?
Is that only for drugs,
Not for genuine hugs?
What an irony! 
Where has all the love gone?
Into the woods, the deep blue sea? 
Where has all the wisdom gone?
Love not Love no more you see! 
True love perhaps lost its way
Finding in this generation no interest! 
What an irony! 
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