Happy Women’s Day

To the strong ones,
To the bold ones,
To the ones less understood,
To the ones who’ve got it all easy,
To the ones who’ve not,
To the ones who dream big,
To the ones whose dreams are simple,
To the bold ones, the gold ones,
The high heeled ones, the kurti ones,
The long haired ones and the short ones.

The tall ones, the stout ones,
The big ones, and the not so big ones,
The ones with curves and the ones with abs,
The ones with scars, the ones who fight wars,
The ones who are in sarees,
The ones in a pilot uniform,
The ones who teach, to the ones who nurture.

The old ones and the newcomers,
To the glam ones, to the ‘fam’ ones,
To the social media bombs; to the
Perfect round roti ones,
To the early ones, to the late ones,
To the best mom nominees to the
Perfect dog-moms and full-time rom-coms!
To the flat bellies; to the love handles.

To the nerds to the dancers,
To the daddy’s princesses to the black hoodie rebels,
To the writers, singers, poet, to the home-makers,
To the neighbours, teachers, friends, sisters and mothers,
To the wives who never complain –
To the wives who do!

To the feminists, to the rare ones,
To the loud ones, to the silent ones,
To the lovers, to the psychos,
To the angel in every girl’s real glow.

Happiest Women’s Day to the best of souls,
God’s creation of beauty, power, elegance,
efficacy, intelligence, patience, motherhood, wisdom.
And a lot more than this world could ask for.

Happy Women’s Day to the ones appreciated,
The ones less appreciated,
The ones who do it for themselves,
The ones who do it for the world.
Happy Women’s Day to the strength of
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

A Poem by Aakanksha Dinah Thomas
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