Sexual Health

Q & A on Sexual Health with Dr Fernanda Hollanda
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Brazil.

CKC———–Why is sexual health important? 
FHLet me put it honestly. Sexual health is important for a fulfilling sex life. It’s part of a healthy life and lifestyle.  It eases our mind, relieves stress from the body, and sex is good. Sexual health is a consistent element for physical and mental well-being. Sexual health plays a pivotal role in our identity as human beings together with the fundamental human rights to privacy, a family life, and living free from discrimination. Simple. It’s part of a healthy life. 
CKCWhat are the Signs of a Healthy Sex Life? How do we make healthy sex life possible? 
FHA Healthy Sex Life is happening when both partners are happy and satisfied. It doesn’t have to be five times a week and also remember, there isn’t a number. One should not count the number of times, it makes it hard for yourselves. If both are happy that’s what’s important. 
CKCHow do one keep the spark alive in a relationship? 
FHFirst, accept who you are and accept your partner for who they are, embrace each other’s imperfections and flaws. Work towards finding time for each other, have productive and meaningful conversations, make time together. Do some activities as a couple, quality time is the base. Long talks and long walks can take you a long way in your relationship. 
CKCHow to identify Your partner’s needs? 
FHTalk. Converse. Open up. That’s it. A hearty conversation with your partner is the key. Ask questions but always remember why you are having this conversation. It’s not a blame game and so it’s essential you listen to your partner and listen attentively, the whole reason for this conversation is to know if your partner is happy in the relationship, satisfied emotionally,mentally and sexually. You need to be prepared to accept the response from your partner even if it hurts you, find a way to solve the issues if you figure out why and what. Next step is to find a solution.  
CKCShould one schedule a date night to have intimacy?
FHYes and no. Sex shouldn’t be marked as an agenda but a date night could be awesome without the policy of having sex at the end. Intimacy is core to having a healthful, functional, and overall happy relationship. Mark your next date night in your calendar now. Make it memorable for each other, try something different each time, a movie night, a fancy dinner date, do something both of you enjoy, it’s all about the time you spend. Hold hands, feel each other, make an effort to treat each other with love, and passion will flow. 
CKCHow many times is a good no.?
FHOh my! I don’t believe we should keep a count of our encounters. It all depends on the situation you are in, so when you find time, enjoy your time together and cherish those moments with each other. Have fun, make love and feel happy. Try something new or ask what your partner likes to do each time, tell them what you like, change things around, bring a twist if possible. No counting. Absolutely no. Imagine being a mother, you will be so busy and tired and drained, after a baby, it’s very hard to find time and energy to do it. So when you find time and feel you want to have sex, enjoy it. But don’t keep a count. 
CKCSex drive is lower than normal. What should one do? 
FHTalk to a doctor. Maybe it’s an organic hormonal issue, maybe it’s a psychological issue. Always reach out for help. At some point in our life, we do experience a drop in sex drive. The reason for this dip can happen for several reasons, and including the natural progression of our relationship over time. So remember to spice up things in your relationship and if nothing is working for you, please book an appointment with your doctor. It will save you from mental and emotional stress, and remember, reach out for help. 
CKCHaving sex hurts. What should one do? 
FHLook for the cause. Is it hormonal, physical,psychological? How is your relationship? How is your daily routine? Many things we could think about. So my suggestion will be to seek professional help from a professional.
CKCCan sexual difficulties be treated? 
FHYes, yes and yes. There are corrective measures we can recommend once we figure out the underlying problem. Always search for professional help. Please do not overthink, just ask for help. It could be as simple as hormonal imbalance or it could be something that can be treated. ​​Please communicate with your medical practitioner, it makes a world of difference in your life. 
CKCShould I consult a doctor or attend Relationship counseling related to sexual concerns? 
FHYes! All help is help. Talking about the problem can make it smaller every time, less stressful also. As I said earlier, reach out, it can be a doctor, a psychologist, nurse, therapist. Reach out to a professional, do not shy away from seeking help. Always remember communication with your partner makes a world of difference in your sexual satisfaction and if there are any sexual difficulties, talking to a medical professional will make a difference in your life. So don’t wait, just start the conversation. Now.
CKCThankyou Doc for doing this. Much appreciate your advice and suggestions. 
FHYou are welcome. 
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