Grounded deep, Rooted I stand
With her many arms encircling my feet
His flurry resting on the arch of my spine
Warm gushes
Expectations shine

He blows through my onyx ravelings 
Nudging me slowly but surely
Hands cupped with drops of moonlight
Undulating zephyrs
Fireflies resplendent in sight

Rising and alive
My universe in dance 
Dream manifestations
Compassionate and unconditional 
Resilient heart foundations 

Connections to mother and movement
Birthing intent and realisations
Of gentle surrendering moments 
Honest vulnerabilities abound 
A genesis of magical bestowments

Nourishing with endless grace 
Earth mother and father wind
My hopes and far fetched moonbeams
I realise how much I have grown
In between their love and my daydreams

Poem by Bindu Rajendren
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