On The Shore

Humiliated and heartbroken
Shadows frayed in the water,
The river is flowing slowly, steadily
Few drops of tears, the molten,
Scorched the mother river.

"Being a girl child, am I responsible?
A loser, a blackie, no one loves me.
A struggling mom, deep in sorrow,
Unwanted, shunned, tossed aside
No house, no family,
That's what I have."

Immature are your imagination
There are no complete family
They are all pretended.

Be grateful to whatever comes
Whether the dark thought, shame or the malice
Meet them at the door.
Transform the dark into something splendid,
From beyond each acts as a guide.

Confront her and comfort her,
You two are enough to make a family.

Never look back and regret,
Raise your hands when the shares are due.
Make all your dreams come true.
Live a life to express, not to impress.

Colour, tribe, or gender no matter,
Past cannot be changed,
But future can
Show what to take to win the prize
Make a wish with the eyelash
Sounds silly? 
Future is promising,
Mark it with indelible sparkle.

To arrest sunlight ,
The earth draws blanket over.
Through tiny pores
The little stars still peep in
Offering a starlit moonlit sky.

The gentle ripples touched her feet and whispered,
Eyes should always fill with dreams,
Not with tears anymore.

She saw a new sunrise,
The bright light deepens her smile,
Slowly, steadily...

Poem by K. Syamala
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